How to activate the floating window in video calls on WhatsApp

It is incredible what this platform offers to all its users and not only from the mobile application but also from its web version. And it is that WhatsApp has come to stay and transcend time since with each update it adds new functions. Like this one, which since its beta version, was already known but now it is official and here we will tell you how to activate the floating window in video calls on WhatsApp.

It was not enough, to be able to make video calls from this application with your smartphone, but now you can activate the pop-up window. In this way you will have the active video call in a small window and in the meantime. You can do other activities on your mobile, such as viewing photos, making adjustments, viewing your contact list, etc.

Another advantage of this pop-up window is that you can click and drag it, placing it anywhere on your mobile screen. It’s a great feature and in this tutorial we’re going to show you how to activate and use. And it is as simple as deleting a message from WhatsApp after the time limit, so read on to acquire new knowledge.

How to activate the floating window in video calls on WhatsApp

We have no doubt that the expectations generated by platforms such as WhatsApp or Facebook about their new functions are very high. For something it brings together millions of users in the world and they are undoubtedly the most popular and used at the present time. So get ready to learn about a feature that has already been tested and is now available.

This is a functionality that very few for now can enjoy, since firstly it is very recent and secondly it is only available with Android 8.0 Oreo . Since these devices that have this version of the operating system. They can perfectly use the picture in picture mode and apply them in video calls.

This mode consists of adjusting the size of the screen where the video call is played, placing it where we want and then continuing to use our mobile. This is why the WhatsApp application wanted to use this mode available in the new version of Android. To give video calls this pop-up function.

So how to activate the floating window in video calls on WhatsApp , because this is really easy to do, if your mobile has the picture in picture mode. If this is the case, you can now use the application and you will realize that it will not be very difficult for you to activate this function.

Steps to activate the floating window in video calls on WhatsApp

The first thing you should do is enter the WhatsApp application , go to your contacts and press to make the video call . Once communication is established and it is active, you must click on the back button. This action will cause the video call to collapse into a small floating window on the screen.

And this window can be clicked and dragged to any space on the screen without problems, in this way you can continue talking with the other person .

While you perform other tasks on your phone such as viewing your chats in this same application or in another. Play videos, view images, search what you want in other areas of the phone and the video call will continue.

It is an incredible function that is only possible for Android devices that have the new version of Android Oreo. If you don’t have this operating system, you just have to wait for the update to take place. So that you can soon on your mobile device, activate the floating window in video calls on WhatsApp.


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