How To Improve the download speed of games on PlayStation 4

If we talk about an aspect to be improved by Sony with its PlayStation 4 console , surely we all agree that they should improve their network of servers on PlayStation Network , their online platform. One of the evils that players of this generation are suffering are the endless downloads when updating a game or waiting for that long-awaited title to be downloaded once your digital purchase is made.

Regardless of the connection that we have contracted, be it ADSL or fiber optic, it cannot be denied that the download speed in most cases is delayed in excess.

Well, then we will explain some simple steps to improve your download speed.

1. Login Method

Although this method is not the best option to solve our connection problems, it is one more possibility. To apply it we will have to have our PS4 turned on, immediately afterwards and once we have the update or game downloading, we close our user session and leave the console in the profile selection screen. In this way, the download will improve its speed and the waiting time will be significantly reduced.

2. Sleep Mode Method

We recommend this method as it is the one that has always worked best for us. We must put the console to sleep to be able to download games or updates at a better speed than when we have the console turned on.

To apply it, all we have to do is go to Settings> Energy saving settings> Set time to turn off the PS4> Do not turn off (in both options).

With this option, what we will do is prevent the PlayStation 4 from turning off and therefore, the download does not finish satisfactorily. In case of having done it correctly, the white light of our PS4 will turn orange.

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