12 reasons to have the SR555 suspended dryer

One of the biggest domestic challenges on winter days is dealing with washing and drying clothes. It is usually at this time that we wear heavier clothing, with thick fabrics that are difficult to dry quickly. This difficulty, for those who always live in a hurry, can be a major inconvenience. That’s because drying a coat can take long hours, especially if there is no sun.

Thus, tumble dryers tend to be the most successful in winter. They make everyday life more practical, in addition to being a hand on the wheel for those who do not have space to extend their clothes. But did you know that some dryers can provide benefits beyond simply drying clothes?

The Latina Clothes Dryer SR555 is the biggest example of this: one of the most complete clothes dryers in the category, with the plus of being multifunctional, brings benefits that make it a success when it comes to practicality and economy!

In today’s post, we separated 12 reasons for you to invest in the SR555 Latina Clothes Dryer. They are reasons to convince you to have a product that goes far beyond the basics. Check out!


1) Has the largest capacity on the market

The Latina SR555 has the largest drying capacity on the market. Works with up to 10 kg of wet clothes and accompanies 4 hangers. This way, you no longer need to make multiple trips to the dryer, splitting your clothes. Dry more parts by drying and save time and electricity!


2) The drying chamber is made of nylon

The drying chamber of the Latina SR555 is made of nylon, resistant and washable material, which allows the accommodation of all types of pieces in the suspended dryer: from jeans to bedding, you don’t have to keep selecting what fits and what doesn’t. on your equipment.


3) Dry shoes

You didn’t read it wrong: no more damp shoes! The Latina Clothes Dryer SR555 comes with an accessory developed especially for drying shoes: you simply attach it to the hanger that already comes with the suspended dryer, put the shoe on and take it for drying. This feature is especially beneficial on wet and rainy days. This is because it is quite common to soak the shoes and then find it difficult to dry them.


4) The suspended dryer is retractable

One of the complaints of those who suffer with small spaces is the impossibility of having everything they need or would like. Laundry, especially, is a place that is often overlooked. Therefore, its space is reduced without thinking twice. And that’s where the SR555 Latin Clothes Dryer makes all the difference! Because it is retractable and suspended, it fits anywhere, without problems.

Use your suspended dryer and, when you are finished, just retract the appliance and leave it there, saving space until the next drying!


5) Heats rooms

One of the biggest advantages of the SR500 line from Latina is the multifunction of the appliance: you buy a suspended dryer and bring, in the same product, a space heater. We explain: Latin Clothes Dryers can be used to heat environments on cold days. This is because they can be detached from the support. With the aid of the carrying handle, they can be taken wherever you want. To heat your home, simply place the appliance on the floor, in an upright position, and turn the operation knob to the desired heating power!


6) The heater has a sleep function

Leave your home warm for as long as you need. With the sleep function, you can program the operation of your heater for as long as you wish. It will turn itself off when it reaches the allotted time. More comfort, practicality and savings for your winter!


7) Has 4 drying programs

To make drying more efficient and quick, the Dryer has 4 special programs: Fast, Normal, Heavy and Extra Heavy. Thus, you select which cycle is best suited to the amount of laundry you want to dry. More energy savings, saving time from day to day.


8) Softener cycle

In addition to the 4 special drying programs, the Latina SR555 has a softening cycle. It is a cold cycle designed to be used in the last drying step. It acts to soften and cool the parts!


9) Has smart timer

One more point for economy and practicality. The Latina Clothes Dryer SR555 has an intelligent 120-minute timer with an automatic 15-minute cold cycle.


10) Has security technology

In the space heater function, the device has a security key. It automatically turns off the equipment in case of tipping. The function is especially advantageous for those with children and animals!


11) Installation is easy

Gone are the days when you needed to contact installers for everything you bought. With the Latina SR555, you do the assembly and installation yourself, saving time and money. Just follow the instructions in the manual, which contains all the images and guidelines necessary for installing the device.


12) Technical assistance is all over Brazil

If, by chance, your device needs technical support one day, Latina offers a complete network of authorized assistance ready to solve your problem!


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