How to save water in the summer?

Temperatures have been high for a while, but summer starts even just this week. The hot days and school holidays make this time a full plate for wasting water . Thus, it is necessary to adopt some practices to save water and prevent the bills from spoiling the summer’s excitement.

In today’s post, you can check some basic habits, but that can help you a lot in the mission of saving water . Check out!


Decrease time in the shower

This tip is classic and timeless, that is, it should be adopted regardless of the time of year. However, on summer days it is especially interesting, as it is very common to increase the number of baths when the heat is too much. Instead of taking 3 baths for 30 minutes a day, try taking quick showers to get around the heat and clean up only at the end of the day. It may not seem like it, but decreasing your bath time by a few minutes can have an impressive reflection at the end of the month


Cover the pool

For those who have a pool, this tip is very interesting. There is nothing better than enjoying an afternoon by the pool, with family and friends. But, at the end of the spree, remember to cover it with a protective cover! This attitude prevents the water from evaporating in greater quantities during the night and, mainly, protects the water from dirt. Thus, you save not only water, but also the electrical energy used to maintain the pool.


Do not use hoses and showers to play

With children at home and thermometers up there, games usually involve a lot of water and creativity. But be careful: using hoses and even the shower is a bad idea. These are tools for releasing continuous water, that is, using them just for playing means a huge waste. Think of other ways to optimize play! Water bladders are refreshing and require much less water than a tap running for half an hour.


Enjoy the rainwater

Summer brings high temperatures, but it is also very famous for rain showers. Most of the time, they are dense rains that result in a large amount of water. Why not reuse it? Use buckets and basins, collect water and use it to wash sidewalks, backyards and even cars. But be careful: if you choose to store water, take all precautions regarding the proliferation of mosquitoes that are harmful to health.


Reuse water from the air conditioner

In the months of December and January, the heat usually does not give respite. Thus, those who have an air conditioning unit at home usually put the equipment to work. But it is not uncommon to see the device dripping water outside. This is perfectly common, as it is the result of the condensation process generated by the device. What you can do is, just like rainwater, use it to water plants or clean the outside areas of the house!


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