Water purifier: what to consider when buying?

When we decide to buy a new appliance for our home, it is clear that we always look for the best option. And that includes both quality and functionality, equipment price and cost effectiveness. Therefore, it is common to research a lot and analyze model by model.

 At the outset, water purifiers all seem to be the same, after all, purifying and cooling water are functions common to almost all models. But a more cautious look is enough to see that some details can make all the difference on a daily basis. Therefore, we have separated some features that you should consider when buying your water purifier. Check out!


Energy saving

Most people think that most cooling or heating devices consume a lot of electricity. This is still true, after all, there are models that are very uneconomical. That is why it is so important to make a comparison.

 There are some  models  that have an intelligent temperature control – such as the  PA335 model , for example -, working only in maintaining the temperature, eliminating unnecessary continuous operation. Thus, the electricity savings are clear!

 Also note which cooling system the water purifier uses. There are options whose cooling is  electronic  or  by compression . The choice between one and the other depends on your need! The models with compressor cooling, for example, are ideal for those who have a   higher water consumption , since the technology was developed to cool larger amounts of water in a shorter period of time.


Filter change time

Another factor that must be taken into account is the “performance” of the purifier. That is, how often the filters must be changed and what the cost is. Latina water purifier models have filters that purify 3,000, 5,000 and 7,000 liters of water with each change. These are very interesting numbers because each filter can yield up to a year of pure and healthy water!


Reservoir capacity

This is a detail that the vast majority of people only notice when the purifier is already in use. Make a quick analysis: imagine a water purifier with a reservoir for 500mL and another with a reserve for 2 liters. Which model is more likely to let us down when we need it most? A purifier that will be practically empty just filling a bottle of water is certainly not the best option for those looking for a device that meets the daily needs of a family, for example.


Purification efficiency

It is interesting to note how efficient the device is in removing particles and other substances. There are models that, in addition to eliminating impurities, also act to remove chlorine; this is an element widely used by water treatment plants and, in excess, can cause damage to health. Some technologies act not only in the removal of substances, but also in the preservation – of fluorine, for example – and in the addition – of  mineral salts such  as calcium, potassium and magnesium.


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