Why does WhatsApp tell me that my number is suspended

WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging applications in the world. If you are a regular user, it may happen that one day you receive a message informing you of the suspension of your account, then you may wonder why WhatsApp tells me that my number is suspended?

It may also be the case that you do not even receive such a notice and you simply cannot use the application. Whether you receive the message or if it does not reach you, but your number is suspended, the reason is that WhatsApp has carried out this action because you have violated any of the Terms of Service that you accepted at the time.

Like all WhatsApp applications, it has rules that if you do not comply in any way, they will cause the service to cease. It can also happen that they have made a mistake and the account has been suspended by mistake.


If you have received the warning message that says ” Your number is not authorized to use our service ” or you see that you cannot send or receive messages even if you delete the application and reinstall it, it is that your number is suspended in WhatsApp.  

In addition, if the suspension lasts more than 72 hours, you will no longer appear as a WhatsApp contact in the list of people who had your number on their mobiles.

When an account is suspended, the mobile device you have will not work on any of them . The suspension of an account in WhatsApp can be temporary, from a few hours to a couple of days or if the violation is serious it can be a permanent suspension.

To recover your WhatsApp account, you must contact the company and explain the reasons for it to be returned to you. You can send a form through the company’s website or from the support of the application itself.

If WhatsApp considers that it can return your account, it will do so, but it is not a quick process , it may take several days to answer you.


If you have your WhatsApp number suspended or you have already been able to recover it, but you want to know what you have done wrong, you should know why you can be suspended in WhatsApp.

There is no single reason why your WhatsApp account can be suspended, but rather that you have been able to breach one or more conditions of its service. We tell you some of the most common causes why WhatsApp suspends accounts.

It is possible that if many people have blocked you in the WhatsApp application, they suspend your account because you should not be doing something right if this happens between your contacts.

If you have sent a similar message many times and many recipients about advertisements or related to commercial matters have been able to suspend the service . Likewise, if you have sent spam to all your contacts. The company will understand that you are abusing the services.

If you annoy other users or if in your profile picture, status or in the messages you have put any offensive , illegal, obscene, racist or xenophobic content , it will also lead to the suspension of your WhatsApp account, keep in mind that they are facts that may be grounds for crime.

WhatsApp prohibits the use of other unofficial applications that use its application to send messages. These applications of the type of GB WhatsApp or WhatsApp plus are not authorized. If you use them, you will receive a message such that “You have been temporarily banned from WhatsApp for violating our terms of service”. Keep in mind that these types of applications, in addition to leading to the suspension of your account, can put your privacy at risk.


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