11 Ways to Interview Correctly and Successfully

Interview is one of the most important moments in a career. Through interviews, our future is determined. But facing an interview is not an arbitrary matter. Here are 11 ways to do an interview right:

  1. Know the company

Before going to do an interview, it’s good to know the company that will be visited. Learn about the ins and outs of the company where you are applying for a job. Find out how the characteristics of the company and what skills are needed in the vacancies available.

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  1. Pay attention to appearance

First impression is important. First impressions are important. Therefore, pay attention to the appearance when going to do the interview. Choose formal clothes and neutral colors. Use makeup that is simple but still looks attractive. Don’t forget to also pay attention to your body’s cleanliness. Trim your nails neatly before the interview.

Use deodorant and perfume to keep your body scented because usually the interview waiting time is quite long and tiring. If you have a mustache or beard, then don’t forget to tidy it up. Also make sure oral hygiene by brushing your teeth before going to the interview. Bring a handkerchief or tissue to clean stains on clothes or wipe sweat.

  1. Always smile

The right way to do the next interview is don’t forget to always smile at the person who is interviewing you. But remember, do not smile too much with your teeth visible because it will cause a strange impression. A big smile is enough to show a good impression.

  1. Greet the interviewer

When you enter the room to do an interview or interview, don’t forget to greet the interviewer directly with a formal greeting, such as ‘Good morning’ or ‘Good afternoon’. Don’t say hello using regional languages ​​or religious greetings like ‘Shalom’ or ‘Assalamualaikum’.

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  1. Speak clearly

Most people who conduct interviews feel nervous so they cannot speak clearly. Some stammer, are too soft, or can’t even talk. Answer each question the interviewer gives in a tone that is neither too weak nor too loud.

  1. Look into the eyes when talking

In addition to speaking in a clear tone, the important thing in how to do the right interview that needs to be done during the interview is to look into the interviewer’s eyes while talking. Don’t talk to the interviewer but look in the other direction. This is considered very rude so that it will make a bad impression for the interviewer.

Give a friendly direct look with a smile while talking. Show that you are very eager to do this interview so that your grades will be better because it is considered very appreciative of the company.

  1. Firm handshake

Another thing that will be assessed by the interviewer is a firm handshake. Why is it necessary? Because a person’s character can be seen from the way he did a handshake. If someone does a handshake that is too gentle, this shows he is a person who is easily persuaded and has a weak stance. But if the handshake is too hard it also shows things that are not good ie people who are very difficult to control.

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Shake the interviewer’s hand firmly and with enthusiasm but not too strong. A lively handshake accompanied by a smile will show that you are an optimistic person and want to work well together.

  1. Sit up straight

Not only a handshake, the way you sit also shows your personality. Don’t sit before the interviewer is invited. Also remember to sit up straight and not lean on the chair. Keep your back straight but don’t be too stiff.

Do not wiggle your feet when talking because this shows you are a wishy person. Show that you have a good attitude by sitting politely.

  1. Use official and polite language

In interviews, the use of language must also be considered. Use official and polite language. Don’t use local language when doing interviews. It doesn’t matter if you still use your regional accent or accent, but make sure to use Indonesian properly and correctly.

To add a plus, also slip some foreign terms in the communication. Foreign terms that you use will indicate the breadth of your insight.

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  1. Show strengths

Another important thing to note in an interview is to show your strengths. Do not hesitate to show what your expertise and strengths. Be a very optimistic person who can bring good change to the company.

  1. Be yourself

Even though you really want the position, try to stay true to yourself and don’t lie about what you really can’t do. Most people are stuck with this kind of situation which will make it difficult in the end.

That’s 11 ways to do the right interview Interview must be done with careful preparation. Hopefully this article can help you prepare for the interview.

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