10 Success Factors and Failures of Business Communication

Successful communication is everyone’s dream, with good communication you can reach an agreement and the desired results are achieved, especially if this has to do with business.

Therefore, on the following occasion will be delivered a review of the success and failure factors of business communication to you all. By understanding it, it is hoped that you can avoid some of the factors that cause business communication failures that have failed to reach agreement.

Success Factors

In establishing this communication there are several success factors for business communication that you can get. Knowing a number of factors will make it easier for you to communicate and be able to get a deal in doing business with someone.

  1. Easy to understand messages

One of the factors that makes this business communication work is that the message you convey to the audience or interlocutor is easy to understand. In this way, the audience can quickly capture and respond to what you have to say.

  1. Positive Perception

The positive perception that is owned by you to the audience and vice versa can also be a smooth communication. If each has a bad view, then it can make all the messages conveyed can not be received properly, and can not reach agreement.

  1. Confidence

In business communication, you are required to be able to influence many people, especially in persuasive communication. Therefore, this confidence is needed so that later you can convince the audience.

This form of business communication can be applied carefully in terms of understanding the material, so that it can foster confidence and can smoothly deliver your material preparation to the audience without hesitation.

  1. The level of closeness

It turns out that your level of closeness with your audience is also one of the most important factors in success in business communication. For example friends from childhood, old friends, relatives, middle school friends, and so forth.

In this way, your communication with the audience will be easier because it has a good closeness. This way, you can also do a number of communication approach strategies with the media or the general public to increase your level of confidence if needed later.

  1. There Is No Communication Disruption

The communication disturbance referred to here is the disruption of communication media, and this should not be underestimated because it has a considerable impact. Make sure if your communication with the audience can run smoothly, so that later your business communication is not interrupted and the message can be conveyed properly.

There are several factors that cause communication problems that are important for you to understand, so that you can overcome various problems that occur in the delivery of material calmly, and stay focused on the material that you want to discuss.

  1. Use of the Same Language

The use of the same language in conducting communication has also been a success. For example, only able to speak in Indonesian, while the audience speaks in English.

Surely it will be difficult to reach agreement in business communication because they do not understand each other’s words. Therefore pay attention to the language you use, because this is an important key.

Not only from face to face, but through online media, too, most will rely on communication with English that is used globally. And here is the function of language in interpersonal communication that you can know too.

Failure Factor

After understanding the success factors, you should not forget a number of factors that can fail business communication. Do not let you make this mistake, because later the conversation that you have with the audience will not agree until finally an agreement does not occur.

  1. Message that is difficult to understand

In giving a message or explanation to an audience it should not be complicated without a clear core idea. The purpose of the heart wants to ‘show off’ your expertise, there is even an audience feeling confused and not reaching an agreement later. use effective and efficient messages when communicating.

  1. Negative Perception

This factor can later influence the reception of the message you convey. Therefore, please try to eliminate this negative trait, especially by showing good behavior.

This way you have a positive impression and the audience can receive the message you convey well too. There are some examples of positive messages in business communication that are important for you to know too.

  1. Less Confidence

Lack of confidence, nervousness, etc., are some of the mistakes people often make when talking to an audience, and this is usually done by those who are new to the field.

If this happens, then the message that you give may not be understood by the audience. To overcome this, please have enough self-confidence, and understand the material you want to explain, then convey it to the audience in a concise and understandable manner.

  1. Communication Disorders

Communication disruptions such as physical disabilities, communication media, sound sources are disrupted, etc. can be a cause of business communication failure. Therefore, you must consider the choice of media, time, etc. in order to reach an agreement later.

If only a few factors of success and failure of business communication that you can understand, so as to minimize any failure that occurs. There are types of business communication that you can know too.

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