10 ways to stop sneezing

A sneeze is a reflex that arisesin response to irritation of the nasal mucosa. Sudden, strong release of air from the lungscan causevarious factors. Here they are:

  • dust or other air pollution;
  • bright light;
  • cold or flu;
  • some nasal sprays, such as those with corticosteroids
  • allergies to mold, pollen, dandruff;
  • dry air;
  • spicy food;
  • powerful emotions;
  • stopping drug use.

To stop sneezing, you need to act differently depending on the cause.

1. Pinch your nose

If the urge to sneeze appears at the wrong time, can be clamped the nose with your fingers from the sides for a few seconds, or try to squeeze the bridge of the nose near the eyebrows.

2. Press your tongue to your teeth

HealthLine Specialists advisejust tickle the palate with the tip of your tongue if you feel like sneezing. Or press your tongue hard against your front teeth. Everything should pass in 5-10 seconds.

3. Blow your nose

Sneeze sometimes I want tofrom a runny nose and accumulation of mucus in the nose. To get rid of it, it is enough to blow your nose.

4. Don’t look at the light

Many people reflexively start sneezingdue to exposure to bright light. Such a reaction may be associated with a non-dangerous genetic defect, when the excitability of the branch of the trigeminal nerve that goes to the eyes is increased. One way or another, to stop sneezing, it is enough not to look at the sun and bright bulbs.

5. Breathe clean air

If you are in a dusty room, breathe in smoke, or just smell a strong scent, you can start sneezing. To stop the reactionneed to go out to fresh air or ventilate the room.

6. Humidify the air

Especially during the heating season. To do this, you can use special devices or simply hang wet towels on the radiators.

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7. Cure colds

For this need to drinkmore fluid, rest, take antipyretics if the temperature rises. And the nose can be washed with saline solutions or using vasoconstrictor drops.

8. Cure allergies

Because of it, the nose swells, there are tears, the eyes turn red and you want to sneeze. Symptoms may appearin spring, during flowering of plants, or occur after contact with animal hair or other allergens. Anywayneed to be treated antihistamines prescribed by a doctor.

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