7 things that will improve your sex life

Little things like apples and deep breathing can revolutionize your bedroom. Proven by Scientists!

1. Emotional intelligence

The more developed he is, the more pleasure sex brings. At least when it comes to women.

Researchconducted within the walls of King’s College London showed that girls with high emotional intelligence are more likely to have orgasms. Moreover, both during masturbation and during normal intercourse. It’s all about the ability to connect imagination, be aware of your feelings, and also clearly communicate your desires to your partner.

2. Meditation

Psychologists insiston the fact that our main erogenous zone is still the brain. This means that before sex, it must be cleared of extraneous thoughts and maximally tuned to the desired wave. This can be done using simple meditation techniques .

Michael Crichman

Director of the Center for Sexual Health in Southern California.

By focusing on your sexual arousal during moments of intimacy, you can get more pleasure.

3. Sleep

Scientists from the University of Chicago found outthat with 5-hour sleep a day, the testosterone level in men decreases by 10-15% compared to peers who sleep for 8 hours. This is because the lion’s share of the masculinity hormone is produced during deep sleep.

Similar studies have been conducted among women. resultsone of them show that just 1 extra hour of sleep leads to a 14% increase in sexual activity. In general, a longer sleep increases interest in intimacy. But this is known even without scientists.

4. Nuts

Spanish physiologists 14 weeks studieda group of 40 healthy men, 18–35 years old, who daily included in their usual diet 60 g of nuts (a mixture of walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds). Then they compared the results with the readings of their peers, who dispensed with solid aphrodisiacs. It turned out that the guys from the first group had a noticeable increase in sexual desire, and the orgasm became brighter.

True, the researchers were never able to explain what exactly the strength of the nuts is. The results of blood tests showed no significant changes in its composition. But does it really matter? The main thing is that it worked.

5. Apples

If nuts strengthen an erection in men, then girls recommendedpay attention to apples. Just one fruit a day has a positive effect on female libido. And on health in general.

6. Bicycle

Cycling not only strengthens the heart system, but also improves sexual health. Such conclusions weremadebased on observations of 3,906 men 41–45 years old and 2,264 women 31–35 years old from different countries. All of them were active in running, swimming, cycling or triathlon.

It turned out that men who cycled an average of 10 hours a week at a speed of 25-26 km / h were about 22% less likely to experience erection problems than their peers who rode less than 2 hours in 7 days. However, there is no point in chasing champions: significant improvements were observed after 6-7 hours of leisurely driving a week (only an hour a day!).

Women also found a direct link between cycling and sex drive. The best results were shown by young ladies who traveled around the neighborhood at a moderate pace for at least 5.5 hours a week. It was easier for them to warm up in bed, and the orgasm was more enjoyable.

7. Focus on breathing

A rare person thinks about how he breathes in and out. Especially during sex, when thoughts are occupied by others. But the bottom line is that many of us, in the heat of passion, hold our breath or breathe frequently and shallowly. And this reduces the severity of sensations and the quality of orgasm. Whereas concentration on the breath, on the contrary, enhances pleasure.

Josie Vogels

Leading Canadian sex therapist.

If you breathe deeply and in sync with your partner, sexual energy will flow through your body and flow between you, strengthening the emotional connection.

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