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In modern realities, it is difficult to imagine a smartphone without applications. One way or another, we all went to the App Store at least once – a branded store from Apple. Due to the duty of my profession, I come here several times a day, and you know, I think that among all the platforms with applications, this one is the best. Everything is clear, understandable, there is no clickbait like in Google Play. Cleanliness and tidiness. However, there were still some nuances. Many users do not know how to link a card, check current subscriptions, and face other difficulties. Today I propose to understand all the details of the App Store and answer the most popular questions.

For many users, the App Store is a deep forest.

We’ve covered in the past how Apple manages to keep its app store clean and tidy. Rest assured, this is not an easy task. It turned out that the Cupertinos have to hire a fairly large number of employees who, after checking the algorithms, view all the software personally. Want to see how it could be otherwise? You don’t have to go far, take a look at Google Play.

Стоит ли выключать компьютер Mac.


  • 1What is App Store
  • 2How to link a card in the App Store
  • 3Forgot Apple ID password
  • 4How to cancel a subscription on an iPhone
  • 5Charged money for Apple subscription
  • 6How to buy apps from the App Store

What is App Store

App Store (Application Store) – магазин приложений от компании Apple, в котором вы сможете найти необходимую или рекомендуемую программу, а затем установить на свой гаджет. На текущий момент является самым популярным магазином приложений для мобильных устройств.

For most Apple devices, the App Store is the only source from which you can install software. However, on a Mac, for example, you can easily install the program from almost any other source. By the way, new owners of Apple computers often think that the applications here are expensive and therefore almost impossible to use. Now, this is not true.

The App Store isn’t the only way to download an app on a Mac.

In addition to various applications, there are many more useful articles in the App Store. Of course, their translation into Russian is sometimes lame, but still. I regularly check new materials, then test it myself and tell you about the experience of using this or that feature. For example, I recently took inspiration from a material about using the Apple Pencil and told you about my experience .

How to link a card in the App Store

It’s already 2021, and many users still avoid paying for purchases on the Internet. This approach is incomprehensible to me for several reasons. Firstly, app developers are ordinary people who eat bread and go shopping for clothes in the shopping center ( don’t forget about the QR code ). If you don’t want to pay, there will be advertising. And without the right to choose.

To link your credit or debit card to your Apple ID, you need to:

  • Unlock iPhone.
  • Open Settings and click on your account.
  • Go to the section Payment and delivery.

Settings, Apple ID.

  • Click the Add a payment method button.
  • Select Credit or Debit Card.

Add a card for payment.

  • Enter all the required details.
  • Click Finish.

Visa, MasterCard, American Express and, more recently , MIR cards are accepted . So there shouldn’t be any problems. If there are any problems with the binding, then most likely the problem is as follows:

  • Restrictions on transactions set by the bank.
  • The withdrawal limit has been exceeded.
  • An error in the bank’s servers.
  • The card has expired.

Подписывайтесь на нас в Яндекс.Дзен, там вы найдете много полезной и интересной информации из мира Apple, которой нет на нашем сайте.

Forgot Apple ID password

Forgot your Apple ID password? It’s OK.

Every user should know the Apple ID password like the back of his hand. If you notice a tendency to forget passwords for different accounts, look for the appropriate apps that can make your life easier. In any case, if you have access to an iPhone, you shouldn’t panic.

  • Unlock your device.
  • Go to the Settingssection .
  • Tap on your name at the top of the screen.
  • Next go to Password & SecurityChange Password .
  • You will be prompted for your device password.
  • Next, enter a new password and confirm it in the column below.
  • Click Changein the upper right corner.

The easiest way to change your Apple ID password.

In addition, Apple has prepared many other ways. I just pointed to one of them. Earlier, the journalist Ivan Kuznetsov wrote on this topic , where he indicated several other methods. I recommend to review.

How to cancel a subscription on an iPhone

Let’s be honest, one third of all subscriptions are for trial only. I would like to write a text with moralizing, but we will not deal with this here.

You can cancel your subscriptions as follows:

  • Unlock your device.
  • Open the Settings app.
  • Tap on your name at the top of the screen.
  • Go to the Subscriptions section.
  • Check out all current subscriptions.
  • Click on one of them.
  • Click Unsubscribe.

I’m an economist with my mother. I don’t spend much on subscriptions.

In general, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the different subscriptions in advance. Read about Apple Music , which has a number of advantages over other services. Check out Kinopoisk before signing up for Apple TV + . I have used both. I liked the domestic product more.

Charged money for Apple subscription

So, well, first of all, we are not surprised. Nobody stole your funds. After all, Apple is not a fool. They prefer to act differently and just make biodegradable original wires. The main reason for an unexpected write-off is your inattention.

Many applications now specifically set a free trial period for a short period of time, forcefully ask you to subscribe immediately after downloading, and when the trial period expires, they charge money from your card.

There is only one way out for the future – to regularly check all subscriptions according to the instructions that we set out above. Nevertheless, it sometimes happens that you absolutely do not remember how you subscribed to this or that application, try to view your purchase history first . If it didn’t work, this method will do:

  • Follow this linkand log in.
  • On the first tab, select Request a refund.
  • In the second tab, indicate the circumstances of the purchase.
  • Click Nextand complete the application.

Request a refund via the official website.

Please list it as it is for additional information. Most likely, the Cupertinos will go to meet you. Believe me, it’s better to try it once than to worry about not trying it later.

How to buy apps from the App Store

Today we are here to discuss all the details regarding App Store purchases. For this reason, it is important to say that money can be debited in a variety of ways. Apple will try as best it can, to the last. This is relevant for those who have not paid for the purchase, but the service is still working .

I often buy apps from the App Store. Even more often, there is not enough money for them.

When you buy products or pay for a subscription, Apple attempts to charge your payment in the following order:

Apple is attempting to charge the full amount from your Apple ID account.

If you don’t have funds in your Apple ID, Apple will use the primary payment method at the top of the list in Settings . You can choose which payment method will be at the top of the list yourself.

If there is a problem with the primary payment method, Apple will alternate between the other payment methods from top to bottom. If it doesn’t work, Apple will try again and only then block your access.

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