How to stop stuttering and lag in Scavengers

Knowing how to stop stuttering and delay Scavengers is the key to enjoying the new PvPvE shooter from developer Improbable. While this early access game is expected to have some issues that need to be fixed, a stutter-free, lag-free experience is still preferred. As developers work to further improve optimization, here are some tips on how players can improve stability on their own. Here’s how to stop stuttering and lag in Scavengers.

How to stop stuttering and lag in Scavengers

To fix stuttering and lag in Scavengers on PC, please do the following:

Make sure the latest graphics card driver from Nvidia or AMD is installed. While there are no drivers specifically designed for Scavengers directly, the latest stability improvements can help smooth out GPU performance. Make sure the game is running in full screen mode. Multitaskers may want to use windowed mode, full screen is always the best option for smooth gameplay. Close unnecessary applications in the background. Games need a lot of resources to work well. Close anything in the background that may be hogging RAM, CPU power, etc. Try narrowing down the graphics options. Those with a beastly system can still experience problems with higher settings. Try lowering the options to “Medium” or lower. If that fails, lower the resolution.

If there is still stuttering, remember that Scavengers is an early access title. This makes it likely that it will receive more optimization patches so that it works better on more PC configurations.In other Scavengers news, this is when the developers intend to fully release the game (assuming early access goes according to plan).Wondering what are the best Scavengers setups for PC? Here is the GameRevolution guide to get high frame rates in the new PvPvE shooter.Back to when this game was first announced during The Game Awards 2018. See how far it has come after two and a half years of development.

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