In the science of marketing strategy, we are not only required to be able to market our products and services. However, we are also asked to be able to market ourselves well. Logically, when we want to offer products to potential customers, but we are not attractive or not trusted by these prospective customers, do they think they will buy our products or not? Of course the answer is no.


That is why in marketing strategies, we not only market products and services to prospective customers, but we also market ourselves (in a positive context) so that they trust us and ultimately also trust our products and services.


For Career Advice colleagues who want to learn and start honing your skills in marketing strategies , this article is perfect for reading and applying! There are 10 ways to start honing marketing strategies that we have taken gist of from the entrepreneur website. What are about 10 ways? C’mon, refer directly to the explanation.


1. Feel Comfortable to do Marketing. 

Have you ever seen a fellow reader seen someone who is forced to do something? I wonder what about the results of their work? Most people who do work half-heartedly or feel uncomfortable with what they do, will not produce a good and significant work.


So, the first thing we need to do to hone a marketing strategy is to feel comfortable with what we are going to do. For example, feel comfortable to talk with others, make presentations, build good relationships with prospective customers, and so forth.


2. Think More Specifically “Who Will Be My Target Customer?”

After feeling comfortable with what we are going to do, try to think for a moment and ask yourself, “Who will be the target customers of my product or service?” Is the target young executives, children or millennials? Keep in mind that the target customer must match the products and services we offer.


For example we make an elegant work tie product, then our target customers are young executives, not children or young mothers. This is something that is often overlooked by people who want to hone their marketing strategy capabilities. For them, the broader the scope of target customers, the better. Even though it’s not like that.


3. Create a Good Relationship with Prospective Customers.  

In this third way, we have started to hone the ability to market our products and services, preceded by marketing to ourselves, of course, in a good context. Marketing yourself here means building good relationships with potential customers .


Start everything with small talk between you and the prospect, interacting like a friend we really appreciate. When we have the sympathy from them, then continue by asking about what problems they have, what solutions they expect, if the solution they want is relevant to our products and services, then we can directly market it to them.


4. Stay on the Right Line. 

If a fellow reader has managed to get the trust of prospective customers and establish a good relationship, then that’s good! Keep up and keep going on the right line. Try to find good ways so that we can still get the main attention of potential customers. For example, sending newsletters related to our products, sending useful articles, and so on. Try to keep interacting with potential customers, but still make them comfortable.


5. Habit of Buying as What Prospective Customers Always Do? 

After we identify the target customers, create a good relationship with them, and continue to communicate while making them comfortable, then it’s time to learn more about the buying habits of potential customers.


For example, when we sell a product at a high enough price, does our prospective customer buy it right away, or will he think long enough to make a decision? Conversely, when we put the price of the product too low, will potential customers become doubtful?


Because they could have questioned the quality of our products at a relatively cheap price for them. Therefore, learning the buying habits of potential customers is very important.


6. Avoid pulling assumptions so quickly. 

The sixth way is also very necessary for our attention. Often we feel pretentious to already know prospective customers very well. Though there are still many things we need to learn more about prospective customers. For example, we often assume that prospective customers like this will want prices that range from this much to that, want products like this, not something like that, and so forth.


Assumptions will make our marketing strategy fatal. Already knowing potential customers does not mean that they understand them very well. We need to ask a few questions to learn what makes them interested in buying an item and what criteria (standards) they use to make a decision.


7. Trying to Seduce Our First Customers. 

If we have started implementing the 6 steps before, now is the time to start seducing our first customer. To seduce our first customer, of course we will create a good atmosphere and deliver positive sentences to them, yes the name is also being seduced prospective customers right!


Although in the end the prospective customer does not buy our products or services, seducing potential customers in a good way will build a good reputation for our company.


8. Make a Daily Schedule and Set Targets. 

Daily schedules will play an important role in our marketing activities. This schedule will help us to stay productive and move forward in honing existing marketing strategies. Examples of daily schedules can be, call a company of 20 potential customers every day, or meet with potential customers at least 2 times a week. With a regular daily schedule, we will find it easier to set targets.


9. Trying to Become an Industry Expert. 

Marketing strategies will be far easier to practice if we are people who are experts in the industry. Training ourselves to be an expert in an industry will attract more customers. Logically, prospective customers will trust salespeople who are experts in their fields. For example, when we want to buy skincare, will we listen more to advice from a mechanic or from a dermatologist? Yep! of course we will listen more to dermatologists than mechanics.


10. Demonstrating the Quality and Success of Our Products.  

Pay attention to everything that we write or upload on our product or service website. Website is the forum most often visited by prospective customers. Therefore, we need to show the quality, success or achievements of our products and services.


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