For decades, companies and organizations have realized that work ethics is essential for every employee and even every leader. From the lower layers to the upper layers, work ethics is one of the most valuable things that individuals have. What exactly is meant by work ethics? Work ethic is a value that is based on hard work and perseverance. When hard work is combined with perseverance, success will be easier to achieve. So, it can be concluded that someone who has a good work ethic will not feel disadvantaged in his career.


However, not everyone feels that this work ethic is important. Or, some of them are already aware that this is important, but do not know how to be able to grow their work ethics.


Naturally, every human being has a work ethic in himself. Unfortunately, the spirit of work ethics will disappear if it does not continue to be sharpened properly. That is why we need to improve the work ethic that is in us. Well, according to the businessworld website, there are 5 main ways that can be applied by all companies or organizations to improve the work ethics of their employees, and the methods below can be applied by all companies in Indonesia. Let us consider the following explanation.


1. Mutual Respect and Give Respect. 

Humans are social creatures that cannot actually live or survive without the presence of other humans by their side. Even though they need other human presence, they also need to be respected and respected by others.


The respect they get from others will make us feel “more whole”, because we will feel that other people are aware and want our presence on their side. That is why the first way we need to do to improve work ethics is mutual respect and respect for all levels of workers in a company.


No matter what position they have, from security guards to directors, everyone needs to be respected and respected. Well, if someone already feels this in their work environment, we can be sure they will feel comfortable and comfortable working at the company.


Not only that, feeling of being valued and respected will make someone to give more performance than usual. This first method needs to be applied to every company in Indonesia. Seeing that there are still many young people who do not respect their more senior colleagues, or bosses who underestimate the position of their employees. It’s really not! That is why mutual respect and respect needs to be applied by all people, of all ages.


2. Communicate Openly. 

When everyone feels valued and respected, now we need to adopt the second way, which is to communicate openly. Open communication is very important to be applied in any team. This is not only aimed at reducing misunderstanding at work, but also to foster a sense of professionalism and foster a good work culture at work .


Nothing needs to be covered up, there are no lies and everything works as it is. Communication that runs smoothly and openly will create a strong team. Why? Because they will feel mutual trust in each other.


In the application of this kind of communication, leaders will also be easier to convey the values ​​and work culture that is expected by the company. Everything can be understood clearly by the employees, so they will understand how the assessment indicators that apply in the company and how they can achieve a higher career path.


When everything is clearly understood, employees will feel more energized and motivated to deliver more performance . This is all done so that they can achieve the achievements expected by their leaders and can get to the desired career path. This kind of communication needs to be applied to all companies or organizations in Indonesia. The goal is to avoid divisions between employees, such as the case of nepotism.


3. Give each other good examples. 

Although the position of leader is always at the front, it does not mean that only leaders have the responsibility to set a good example. We can say that everyone in every company has an obligation to set a good example.


Give a good example is not always about things that are heavy, for example getting awards from business partners and others. A good example can start from small things that we often underestimate. For example, do not arrive late to the office, do not interfere with co-workers who are working, get the job done well and on time, and others. That all might not be too “WOW”, but we need to apply from now.


When we have set a good example, we are indirectly helping to create a positive work environment . Positive things are more difficult to implement and spread, which is why we all need to work on it.


If everyone always gives the best performance, then it is certain that positive competition for achievement can be created among all employees. Moreover, people in Indonesia consist of various tribes and regions. The norms that apply in each region may be different, but at least we can focus on the core values ​​and work culture of the company.


4. Mutual Trust. 

Trust. Yes! Work ethics will not be created if there is no sense of trust. Let us imagine, how can an employee provide a strong work ethic, if he does not get the trust of his manager?


Giving trust also needs to be applied by superiors and employees. Leaders must believe that their employees will use their trust to the best of their ability. They believe that employees will not divulge company secrets, employees will provide amazing results for the projects they are working on, and so on.


Conversely, employees also need to give their trust to their leaders. Believe that the performance appraisals they provide are carried out fairly, believe that leaders will guide them to develop themselves better, and other examples of trust.


Can it be seen clearly isn’t it, that a strong work ethic really requires mutual trust ?


5. Providing Quality Training to Employees. 

If all four of the above methods have been applied, then we need one more way to complete it. All of the above methods are incomplete without training or training provided by the company to its employees.


This training can be in the form of leadership training, management training, and so forth. The purpose of this training is to hone the abilities of the employees so that they are more motivated to become superior employees. Of course, all superior employees must have a high work ethic.


In fact, the performance of Indonesian employees is still not as competitive as other countries. That is why quality training needs to be given to every company in Indonesia. The goal is that the performance of the Indonesian people will be more advanced and great.


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