How to take advantage of Facebook groups in your marketing strategy

Facebook groups have more than 1,800 million users per month, and are one of the best tools to gain visibility and reach within the social network, especially for companies, and as a way to beat the algorithm of Facebook , which offers less and less diffusion to corporate content.

This is how Facebook Groups can be used to improve digital marketing strategies.

They suppose a closed space, made up of people who are interested in a certain topic, and who are more predisposed to interaction. Therefore, presenting products, services and relevant content in the groups is essential to be more present in the members’ feed.

How to take advantage of Facebook groups in your marketing strategy

However, it is not enough to just be in the group in any way. You need to develop an action plan. This is how users can use Facebook groups to get more out of them within their digital marketing strategies:

-Present products and services: Groups are a space created by a user or a company, so they are an optimal space in which to present products and services. Usually, the members of the group will be people close to the company, such as customers or people interested in its products, so presenting a new product in the group offers very important feedback to understand how it will work among a broader audience.

-Customer service: One of the main benefits of a Facebook group for a company is direct contact with its customers. In this sense, if a company is capable of offering quick solutions to its customers’ problems, the brand image improves, which translates into more conversions and purchases.

Customer service can be offered in various ways beyond having an agent to answer questions and claims. For example, you can create relevant content such as guides, installation tips or video tutorials that complement the work of agents, while offering added value.

-Content strategy: The content of a group should be as varied as possible. In this sense, you should never focus on brand content, but you should create a content strategy that mixes company information and content related to the general theme to which it is directed. For example, one day of the week can be dedicated to promoting products or services, others to sharing a meme that creates engagement, another to inspirational content, etc.

-Content created by the user: If the Facebook group remains active, with regular posts, users will be more participatory, which allows administrators to create polls or ask members to share their opinions about a product or service with others. service, as well as pictures of themselves using it. All this content can be reused to create your own content to share on other channels.


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