What is self awareness? Self-awareness is to have a clear perception of your personality , including beliefs, strengths & weaknesses, thoughts, beliefs, motivations and emotions. Self-awareness allows you to understand yourself and understand others, how others perceive you, and your attitude and response to them.


To gain self-awareness, it turns out there are 3 important levels that we need to go through, Career Career colleagues. According to markmanson.net, before we dream of having strong self-awareness , we need to go through the three levels below. Let’s just look at the explanation.


Level One: Ask Yourself “What Do I Do?”

In order for us to get through this first level, fellow readers must be able to answer the question “what am I doing?” Well, give specific time to answer this question, for example, for the past 30 days or 1 month ago. That way, the question was slightly modified to “What did I do for the past 30 days?” Specific questions can be:

– Have I felt lonely, isolated, and nobody wanted to hear my opinions for the past 30 days?

– Am I fighting for a relationship with someone close to me?

– Do I feel hurt, physically weak or sick?

– Am I increasingly doubtful about my future?

– Have I been unproductive in the past month, not even knowing what to do?

– Do I experience symptoms of sleep deprivation or not being able to sleep at all (insomnia)?

– Am I feeling stressed about my current job and facing financial problems?

– And ask a few other questions that would make us sick, demotivated and unhappy. In essence, ask yourself what happened to us during the past 30 days and ask what we did to deal with all that?


After asking a few questions like the one above, we can conclude that almost all humans avoid pain or disturbances in their lives by going to other disorders. The point is like this, when we feel sad because we are facing financial problems, we think that going to the mall to shop whatever we like is one solution so that we become excited again and strong in facing financial problems.


But will that really be the solution to our financial problems ? Or, our actions actually make our credit card bills more suffocating?

The second example, we are afraid of being chased by a deadline. But, instead we avoided the task and went abroad for a vacation. So, will the deadline break stop chasing us? Of course not!


It does not hurt to turn to something else when we feel stuck, stressed or demotivated, but that does not mean we have to turn to disruption greater than our previous disturbances. Unfortunately, not many people realize this.


The key is that we need to be aware of what disturbances or obstacles are “coming” into our lives. When we realize this disorder, try to solve it first. Not run away to the next disturbance. And, make sure that the distractions don’t choose us as the target.


But don’t we need other distractions to stay happy and not stressed? For example, someone who is stuck at work tries to take a break and open YouTube to see funny videos. Watching YouTube here acts as another dangerous annoyance. However, the person needs to watch it so that he can get excited again.


Yep, this is something we can do, but keep in mind that we need to limit the time to sink into the next disturbance. Do not let watching videos make us forget that there is a pile of tasks in front of us that have not been completed.


Most people spend most of their day drowning in a sea of ​​distraction without even realizing it. In essence, identify the disorders that we have experienced over the past 30 days, and evaluate what we have done to the disorder. Have we dealt with it with strong self-awareness, or not?


Second Level: Ask Yourself “What Do I Feel?”

At this second level, have you ever been asked by a fellow reader “Why are you angry?” Then, my fellow readers immediately responded with great emotion “I’m not angry! I was just upset because I felt I wasn’t heard! No one cares. Why are you annoying by asking this question ?! ”


This case often occurs when we try to increasingly avoid ourselves from existing disturbances. The more we try to avoid it, the greater the interference will affect our emotions. This is why some people feel overwhelmed with their own feelings.


This second level of self-awareness is where we really start to find out “Who am I really?” or “What type of person am I?”

When we are at this level, we will begin to reflect on all the actions we take in response to all the problems that occur in life. When we have made friends with this second level, we will begin to realize who we really are. For example, “Oh shit, why was I so sensitive and irritable? Even though my coworkers just want to ask why I often come late to the office lately? ” From here, we will begin to realize what is wrong and right from each of our responses and actions. At this second level, we need quite a long time to feel comfortable with all the emotions that are inside.


Third Level: Ask Yourself “What Makes Us Lost?”

At this third level we will realize that the more we submit to our emotions and desires, the more our lives will be damaged. This statement makes us aware that self-awareness and self-control is very important to always be applied.


We often assume that we are actually logical and independent thinkers based on the facts. When in fact, we too often force our brains to justify negative thoughts, emotions and all the nonsense that we feel. For example, when I go to lunch with my best friend, I say that the food we chose tastes very bad, the restaurant is very bad! In fact, I say that because I was upset with my boss in the office. Instead of telling my friend that my boss was very annoying, I made the food my target for frustration. In the end, there was a debate between us. The more he said that this food was delicious, the more I felt annoyed and more angry.


From here, we can see that this self often loses direction due to negative emotions and thoughts that control our brain. When we realize “what makes me lose my way?” then we will all avoid bad actions that keep us from self-awareness.

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