10 simple tips for healthy weight loss

The year started and many expectations came with it. Expectations that this year will be the best of our lives. Not least, hope rekindles, the will to change resurfaces and we have new projects in sight.Usually when the year starts we make a list with goals to be achieved during the year. And if you have a goal that is common on most women’s lists, it is to lose weight.

Losing weight goes far beyond an aesthetic issue. It involves self-esteem, personal satisfaction, health, well-being and quality of life. However, losing weight is not a simple task that can be achieved overnight. It requires determination, patience, insistence, focus and good habits.

Follow us with 10 tips that can help you in the process of healthy weight loss and so you will be able to lose weight without putting your health at risk.

1. Increase your water intake

It may seem silly, but drinking at least two liters of water a day makes all the difference in the weight loss process.

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This happens for several reasons:

  • Water helps to make your intestines more regulated;
  • Favors abdominal comfort;
  • Contributes to the reduction of gases,
  • Helps to promote satiety, since taken half an hour before the main meals, it will make you feel less hungry when eating.

2. Decrease your sugar consumption:

Those who want to lose weight need to be disciplined in their diet. There is no need to cut everything out of your diet, but you need to be careful with some ingredients, such as sugar, as it promotes insulin spikes and favors the supply of localized fat in our body.

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3. Make smart choices

Try to make smart choices in your daily life, always opting for changing eating habits. Swap white flour for wholegrain flour, replace soda with natural juices with no added sugar, replace whole milk with skimmed milk, buy foods in reduced fat versions and reduce the consumption of salt and fat during food preparation.

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4. Chew slowly

If you want to lose weight, don’t rush out. Take a deep breath, control your anxiety and slowly chew each spoonful of your mouth.

There is no exact number of chews to be done during feeding, but an average of 20 to 25 chewing movements is recommended before swallowing food.

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Chewing more often and slowly will facilitate digestion, the absorption of nutrients and will make your brain understand more quickly that you have been satiated.

5. Eat without distractions

Don’t even think about staying on social media, watching television, talking on the phone or solving problems while eating.

The meal is a sacred moment and must have the deserved attention. No distractions when eating. You must be focused on what you do, paying attention to what is brought to your mouth, reducing the risk of eating more than you should and allowing you to taste the true taste of food.

6. Decrease your carbohydrate intake

It is not necessary to cut all types of carbohydrates from your diet. But it is extremely valid to minimize its consumption, since inside our body it turns into sugar and, if ingested in an increased form, it will hinder the expected weight loss process.

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7. Sleep well

A good tip for those who want to lose weight without compromising their health is to sleep for about eight consecutive hours of sleep.

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While we sleep, our hormones responsible for appetite and satiety adjust in order to help us to reduce excessive hunger.

In addition, during sleep our fat is able to turn into energy more quickly than when awake.

8. Get out of a sedentary lifestyle

It never hurts to remember that sedentary lifestyle is the villain of weight loss. Move yourself! If only for thirty minutes a day.

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Physical activity accelerates caloric expenditure and, when combined with healthy eating, can guarantee quality of life and weight loss.

Try doing:

  • Walking;
    • Descend and ascend;
    • Jump ;
    • Run in the park;
    • Ride a bike;
    • Play ball with your child, anyway …

Try moving around in search of fun and health. That way you will lose weight without making it seem like a sacrifice.

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9. Don’t overdo your goals

One of the big mistakes of those who want to lose weight is to set goals that are practically impossible to achieve, such as losing 10 kg in 10 days.

We know that to lose weight in a healthy way we should not be in a hurry for the weight loss to occur. For this reason, it is necessary to outline real and possible goals to be achieved.

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Experts say that losing about 1 kg a week is a reasonable average for healthy weight loss.

Remembering that, during the diet, weight loss decreases during the weeks that pass and, therefore, you should check with the professional team that will guide you in managing your weight loss, the possibility of changes in physical exercises and in the food routine you are following.

Proposing goals that are very difficult to achieve can cause frustration and consequent demotivation in staying on the diet.

10. Eat with pleasure

It seems impossible to eat with pleasure when we are on a diet, but it is not. A very common mistake among people who are fighting for weight loss is to remove from the menu all the foods that satisfy you, give you pleasure and are tasty.

Studies show that abolishing sweets, pasta or any other food that gives you pleasure, will cause you to become discouraged and relapse into those foods, running away from the target and even leading to weight gain again.

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Therefore, allow yourself to eat a favorite sweet once a week, a small French bread in the morning, a flat dish of pasta on Sundays, or maybe even a glass of wine on special nights. Don’t deprive yourself of everything you like.

What’s not worth doing is wanting. Nobody can achieve the ultimate success in weight loss if they have to spend all the time frustrated by not being able to eat what they really like. Have a complete menu, balanced and guided by a nutritionist. Eating with pleasure will make you achieve success in the diet long before you think.

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