Physical activities to do on the weekend

The days passed and you didn’t even realize that the weekend came, did you? She worked, took care of the house, the children, studied, cooked, in short, did everything that a woman with her multitasking needs to do on a daily basis.

However, it may be that in reviewing your schedule, you may have noticed that you did not have time to engage in daily physical activity. The year has started and you still haven’t been able to start fulfilling your promise to exercise more this year.

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So, you can make the following excuses for yourself: “ah, but that’s okay, Monday I start exercising! Or, “How am I going to do physical activity if I don’t have money? “, Or who knows” how to do physical activity now that we are already on the weekend? ”.

Know that these excuses do not prevent you from starting physical activity right now. Just you want to! Thus, you can start a physical exercise training, without spending money, and starting on any day of the week, including weekends.

Don’t know how to do this? Follow our model with a script of homemade physical activities for you to do on weekends and without spending anything to do them:

1. Stretch:

Start your physical activity session by performing stretching exercises for about 5 minutes. Never start your exercises without first stretching your muscles.

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Stretch legs and feet, stretch your neck up and down. Try to reach your toes and stretch your arms as high as you can.

Do this stretch by feeling every muscle in your body being stretched. In 5 minutes of stretching you lose approximately 20 calories. After that, go to activity number two.

2. Run:

Another physical activity that you can do on the weekend without spending any money for that is to go for a run. You can run in any square, park, backyard of your house or even standing in the same place doing the running movement.

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Do this for approximately 5 minutes and you will have a caloric expenditure equivalent to 15 calories per minute, that is, in 5 minutes you will have had an energy loss of 75 calories.

3. Dance

Have you ever thought about losing 45 calories easily and doing something very enjoyable? Put a selection of songs you like in your playlist and let it play for 05 minutes.

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Meanwhile, dance in your living room, whether accompanied or not, dancing is an excellent aerobic exercise and ideal for those people who want to lose weight easily and in the comfort of their home.

4. Ride

Another option is to go for a ride on a bicycle. Cycling helps to strengthen leg muscles and contributes to caloric loss. For those who do not have the possibility to leave the house with a bicycle, you can use an exercise bike.

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Five minutes of riding is equivalent to an energy expenditure of approximately 60 calories.

5. Jumping Jack:

Remember that physical exercise typical of physical education classes at school? Yes, jumping jacks is a simple exercise that can be done at home, whether on weekends or not.

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You can have three sessions of 20 jumping jacks in a row. At the end of the sessions (about five minutes of activity), you will have lost around 75 calories.

6. Reach your toes:

It seems to be a very simple activity and it really isn’t very complicated at all. However, anyone who believes that it is inefficient is mistaken. For this exercise to be done correctly, keep your legs well extended and without bending your knees. It is necessary that you have a well elongated body and requires that you persist in the first attempts, since at first it may be that your fingers do not reach your toes.

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Perform this movement of reaching your toes in sessions of ten well-extended movements in the act of lowering and raising. Five minutes of this activity can provide you with a caloric loss of about 70 calories.

7. Sit and stand up from the chair:

If you don’t want to leave the front of the television on the weekend, don’t want to stop watching your favorite show or series, know that now you also have no excuse for not moving.

Slowly sit and stand in three sets of 15 repetitions or until you have completed five minutes of activity. As a result you will have a calorie expenditure of approximately 60 calories.

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8. Play with children:

Simple day-to-day activities can make you lose more calories than you think. How about stopping for 10 minutes and playing with the kids in the house? Any type of game is worth it, for example: tag, jump rope, burnt ball, hula hoop, running and among many other children’s games.

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Physical activities done with children’s play over an estimated ten minutes may yield you a calorie expenditure of 120 calories.

9. Abdominal:

Perform the classic abdominal, the exercise most performed by those who wish to have a defined abdomen. Lie down in a comfortable place that is able to keep your spine upright, keep your legs flexed and slightly apart. Support your head with your hands and forcing the abdomen muscles, lift your torso and return to the floor again and again.

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Do this exercise in 4 sets of 10 repetitions or until you complete 5 full minutes of activity. By the end of this period, you will have eliminated about 50 calories.

10. Walk your dog:

Finally, you can leave your house and take a walk with your pet dog. You can be sure that your pet will love it and you both came back very happy and satisfied. He for the attention received and you for providing a pleasant moment for your dog while exercising and looking for quality of life for both.

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Ten minutes of walking with your dog will give you a deficit of approximately 90 calories.

Pay attention to the benefits:

After performing the 10 physical activities he listed above, you will have lost the equivalent of 665 calories in just one hour of simple exercise! And best of all, without spending on gym, without spending on transportation, in the comfort of your home and neighborhood, without distancing yourself from your family and having the opportunity to enjoy the entire weekend with other commitments and moments of recreation.

Regular physical activity should be practiced 3 – 5 times a week, with moderate to intense activities. The pace of weight loss should be moderate and controlled, being considered a healthy loss up to 4KG month. (Photo: © Depositphotos)

It is worth stopping for an hour of your weekend and getting out of a sedentary lifestyle. Physical activity only benefits our health, such as:

  • Reduces the risk of death from cardiovascular disease;
  • Collaborates in the treatment of depression and anxiety disorders;
  • Helps speed up the metabolism of our body;
  • Collaborates for blood pressure stability;
  • Helps to control type II diabetes;
  • Excellent aid in weight reduction;
  • Helps for the full functioning of our muscles;
  • Provides general well-being.

So, next weekend don’t let sedentariness speak louder and perform simple, homemade physical activities without spending a dime. Reserve an hour of your end and week for yourself. Always remember that: physical activity is synonymous with good health!

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