3 ideal activities for summer

With the summer we want to recharge ourselves from the fatigue of the colder months and the idea is to resume physical activity or start practicing some sport and, on the other hand, to be able to be in shape with respect to our «bikini operation». Let’s now get to know the best of outdoor sports, with 3 ideal activities for the summer

Outdoor sports: 3 ideal activities for the summer

The summer season is ideal when we want to achieve optimal physical shape , and more so if we take into account that exercising in daylight and outdoors will help us get going and improve performance. But, what are the 3 best activities that we can practice in summer?


The two wheels are perfect for taking advantage of city bike lanes and rural routes. When the sun hits and the temperatures are cool, it is nice to enjoy the scenery and surroundings. The bike activates all muscles to tone the lower body , but also the muscle groups in the upper body. To train as well as possible, it is good to ride a bike at least three times a week for 40 minutes.


Fun sports activity, perfect for recreation but also for outdoor sports. Useful for training the lower limbs for continuous leg flexion , perfect for strengthening the abdominals as they are necessarily contracted and keep moving all the time. Perfect for those who need to tone and reshape their muscles . If we want to intensify the work of the legs and buttocks we can also use the skateboard although this is a type of skate that may be difficult for you to master something else. Anyway, everything is a matter of trying and if you have already gotten used to riding a scooter, you will surely catch the rhythm of riding a skateboard right away,

Nordic walking

Nordic walking or walking is an alternative to walking, which you can also do whenever you want, with no obligation to schedule. You simply have to equip yourself with good trekking shoes, poles and choose paths in the green between the forest or the rivers . It is a light workout and completely suitable for all ages . Tone the buttocks, the leg muscles and, thanks to the pendulum movement of the upper limbs, you train the arms and pectorals. The activity takes place on flat or slightly sloping terrain and is perfect for greater coordination and resistance.

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