Homemade exercises to keep health up to date

With each passing day we are more concerned with our health. We want to have longevity, quality of life and strength to face the challenges of our daily lives.The search for maintaining a healthy weight, practicing physical activity and having a healthy mind and body has been growing.

However, at the opposite rate, the time that people have to dedicate themselves to physical activities decreased. The day-to-day hustle and bustle often does not allow people to have the time necessary to set aside an ideal time to go for a walk, go to the gym or even exercise in leisure areas. And, without the necessary time, many give up exercising and remain sedentary, which results in distance from what we have as healthy attitudes.

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So, in an attempt to reverse this problem and help break the sedentary lifestyle on the part of those who do not have time to go to the gym or do not even have the financial means to pay the monthly fees, we have the opportunity to practice homemade exercises in order to maintain good health. Cheers.

To help our readers start these homemade exercises, we have listed some activities for you to do right now at your home! That’s right, now there is no more excuse for not moving and promoting good health. Let’s start?


The squat is a type of exercise much sought after by those who seek to strengthen and define legs and glutes. To do this exercise, stand up and spread your feet apart in parallel so that they are as wide as the width of your shoulders.

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Place your slightly projected chest forward and descend slowly, throwing your hips back. Make the sitting motion. The more you go down the better.

Make sure you are pushing in the right place, which is on your thighs and not on your ankles and feet. You can repeat this movement in three sessions of 10 times to start by pausing for one minute between sessions.


If your intention is to make your belly more resistant, giving place to muscles instead of fat, it is important that you also do abdominal exercises.

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To perform the exercise, place a mat on the floor of your room or any space in your home where you will practice physical activity, and lie down on it. With your legs flexed and your feet parallel to each other, lift your shoulders upwards, slightly supported by your hands behind your head, but being careful not to strain your neck, as the force must be felt in the abdominal muscles.

To achieve satisfactory results it is necessary to start the practice of abdominal exercise at home with at least three sets of 15 sit-ups daily, all with an interval of 1 minute between each set.

Push ups

Lying on your stomach and with arms outstretched so that your hands serve as support for you to keep your body elevated, make a movement to flex your arms, bringing your belly close to the floor or mat.

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Repeat this movement initially in three sessions of 5 times and gradually increase, as you realize that strength is gaining.

Jump rope

How about combining physical activity with a game reminiscent of childhood? The act of jumping rope is an extremely potent aerobic exercise to help with the loss of caloric expenditure and thus collaborates with your health in a quick and fun way that can involve even the children of the house while doing activity.

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For beginners it is recommended to skip 10 ropes, then take a 1 minute break and resume another 15 session for at least a couple of times.

Over time and with gaining muscle endurance you can increase the number of ropes to be taken and the number of sessions. Half an hour of physical activity done with the act of jumping ropes, has an energy expenditure of approximately 400 calories. So it is worth buying a rope and start jumping right there at your home!


If you live in a townhouse or have a building that has a freely accessible staircase, exercise on it by going up and down the steps to tighten your leg and calf muscles.

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To exercise, go up the stairs and always go down with your spine in an upright position, in no hurry to avoid incidents and end up falling, and perform this up and down movement for at least 10 minutes. You can take a break every 2 or 3 minutes for a break and catch your breath.

In just 10 minutes there are 175 calories less in your body. (Running up the stairs)

It is also worth:

If you want to lose weight by practicing activities at home and thus guaranteeing a better quality of life and good health, you can also practice the following activities:

  • Dance with your children, nephews, grandchildren or your husband;
  • Sweep the whole house in a rhythmic way in 10 minutes;
  • Play with the family baby (children, nephews, grandchildren), lifting him up and down. There will be laughter and you will still strengthen your arms;
  • Walk or play with your dog.
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Good to know:

  • Never start any physical activity, however simple it may be, without paying attention to your body’s health. People with cardiovascular, respiratory, hypertensive problems, back pain, among other weaknesses, should first consult a doctor so that he can assess their physical conditions to be able to perform the exercises or not, even if they are done at home;
  • Don’t abuse your body. We all have limits and we have to respect them. Often, in a hurry to achieve their goals, people exceed the amount of exercise indicated or repeat several times only a certain exercise in order to accelerate the weight loss or enrichment of a part of their body;

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  • Don’t sabotage your exercises. It is not because they will be done at home that they should be done carelessly. Discipline, routine and persistence should be your greatest companions in daily practice to carry out these activities. Nothing to give voice to tiredness and laziness, after all, it will be just a few minutes and then you can already take a good shower and relax,
  • Remember that for your health to stay up to date, it is not enough to just exercise. Food is essential to ensure a more effective result for health and quality of life, always combined through simple activities that can be done inside your home.
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