10 Examples of Decision Making

Giving direction to things is a matter of action. For this you have to learn what is the best way to do it. Today we will walk through 10 Examples of decision making , which will show us the clearest references in this regard.

Making decisions is synonymous with living. From the color of our shoes to the profession that we will develop had to be chosen, through this system that puts the different options on the table so that the person involved selects what seems most appropriate.

Decision making has interference in the family, personal, work, social, political, economic, cultural, religious environment and more. Despite the fact that in most cases this is done automatically, some portals suggest that a procedure could be applied.

The first step is to define the problem, then the data is collected, then the alternatives are generated , and finally, the action is executed.

In this path thoughts , criteria and emotions are imposed , but the most important thing is that this is full of objectivity .

The opposite of decision is indecision and this can take its toll in many ways. Refraining from acting results in a lack of security and convictions that could make the individual lose opportunities or make them dependent on others around them.

Best Decision Making Examples

There are decisions of many kinds, which occur at any time in life. Among the most common examples we can highlight:

1. University career

When a student finishes basic and diversified education , he tends to think about what university or trade he wants to enter. This is a clear example of decision making.

There are thousands of options available to choose from, but according to the tastes of the person and the field of action they have at that moment, choose which path is most convenient.

2. Employment options

Sometimes you have few job options, but other times you have many and it is necessary to resort to decision making.

The company, the position offered, the values ​​of the organization and the remuneration could be variables that intervene in this choice, which could be very important in the long term.

3. Services

Not all of us have the same internet or telecommunications service. This is because users have the ability to choose.

Many consider the intensity, others the customer service and there are those who care about the distance at which the signal reaches. Everything is valid to select a specific option.

4. Lifestyle

The lifestyle you lead is also a decision. If you prefer to watch your diet , exercise and sleep early or, on the contrary, you tend to eat frozen products, watch a lot of television and stay up all night, it is a personal determination.

The habits that are adopted derive from one’s own choice and this is another example of decision making.

5. Marital status

There are people who got married at the age of 18 and others who prefer never to. There are some who prefer to postpone their courtships, but there are also those who enjoy casual outings more.

In multiple tastes, there are multiple ways to exercise decision making. This situation exemplifies again this system of constant choice.

6. Example of Mass Decision Making

The choices tend to be made in private, but there are others that are up to the public. When public officials are elected, a new condominium board or the president of the school newspaper, there is a decision-making that, although it is thought separately, is exercised in a massive way.

7. Strategies

When entrepreneurs put their capital to work, they decide what they will focus their investment on. They are left with one option and dispense with others, in the exercise of their will.

8. Beliefs

Spiritual beliefs and preferences also derive from an individual’s decision making.

It should be noted that, although most of the time a child grows up rooted in the criteria of his family ties, as an adult he is in the power to make decisions about what is best for him.

There are many options. Among them is believing in God, in a religion, in a superior entity or simply not doing it.

9. Examples of quick decision making

Not all decisions can be made calmly and thoughtfully. Sometimes you have to act quickly to solve a problem.

If someone is at a festival and a dangerous situation arises, the person can choose to run to leave or they can stay put.

10. Music

Listening to salsa or jazz depends on who does it. Musical tastes make people prefer different genres, singers, melodies and lyrics.

Putting together a playlist , following a festival or attending a concert is part of the decision-making exercised by the person.



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