How to play Plants vs Undead and start making money

Currently, online video games are very fashionable, especially a new generation of video games where players get a financial reward for completing tasks within the game mechanics. Most of these games require an investment of money to be able to ensure a place in their rewards system and normally all transactions are made through different cryptocurrencies or non-fungible tokens, better known as NFT (Non-Fungible Token) .

This is the case of Plants vs. Undead , a video game developed by the Serbian company Peaksel DOO Nis, which since 2012 has been operating in this market and since 2020 opted for its first NFT Plants vs. Undead , through which its players can obtain economic income thanks to its own token called PVU by the initials of the name of the game. If you want to learn how to play it and start making money with this entertaining video game, be sure to read this guide where we will teach you how to do it.

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  1. What is the Plants vs Undead video game about?
  2. What are the different game modes of Plants vs Undead?
    1. Farmers
    2. Gardeners
  3. What do I need to be a farmer in Plants vs Undead?
  4. How is seed collection done in Plants vs Undead?
  5. What are the types of plants that we can grow in the lands of Plats vs Undead?
  6. What rewards does caring for our plants give us in Plant vs Undead?
  7. What are the meteorological aspects that we must take into account for our plants?
  8. What daily watering limits and crows do the gardeners and farmers in Plants vs Undead have?
  9. How can I purchase PVUs for my Plants vs Undead account?

What is the Plants vs Undead video game about?

The video game takes place within a world called Planet Plants which has suffered the fall of a meteorite and almost all life in that place has become extinct, except for a group of plants that managed to survive thanks to the ability to absorb some elements that they were on earth and thus they were able to develop unique and special properties .

On the other hand, all the animals that lived on that planet became creatures called undead (Undead), which eventually arrive to try to attack all existing plants and prevent them from surviving.

Our role in the game is divided into 3 activities, of which until the time of writing this article only two of them are available, one as a farmer and the other as a gardener . These two roles will be in charge of planting the plants, watering them and taking care of them so that they can produce LE points, which are the currency that will be used within the game. You can also water and care for other players’ plants and this activity will reward you with some LE points.

What are the different game modes of Plants vs Undead?

At this time Plants vs. Undead has two game modes , one of them is that of a farmer and the other that of being a gardener. Both modalities require the player to make an investment in money to be able to access and enjoy the benefits of their investment. Below we explain what each modality is about.


The farmers will be those players who buy a seed in the game’s marketplace , these seeds have a cost of 100 PVU which is the token that will be used to make purchases within the game, you can check the current price of the token on any page to check the price of tokens and cryptocurrencies .

Once the player has the seed, he can plant it in one of the lands that the game provides for free, this seed after a few days will become a tree that will produce a certain amount of LE (the currency that will be used within the game) passively. The farmer will only have to water his tree twice a day, in addition to scare away any crows that may be stopping LE production.

Farmers will also be able to buy additional land and buy trees that other farmers have for sale in the marketplace, these trees in addition to producing LE daily, also have properties absorbed from the elements of the soil that give them special powers to face the undead in the moment they enable the adventure mode within the game.


The gardener role is one of the most popular and used to enter this game, since the investment of money that must be made to enter the economic mechanics of the video game is less than the amount that a person who wants to invest must enter as a farmer. As expected, if the investment is lower, the profits are also lower, however, they are still attractive for users who enter Plants vs. Plants every day. Undead.

In general, the gardener must be careful to scare away the crows from the plants of the neighbors and water at least 15 plants daily in addition to two irrigations for each own plant.

What do I need to be a farmer in Plants vs Undead?

In order to carry out the gardener activity and earn money with this role, you must make the investment of 5 PVU , with which you can buy the necessary elements to be able to water and take care of your neighbors’ plants.

These elements are 1 pack of water for irrigation with capacity for 100 irrigations and a pack of 20 scarecrows to be able to scare away the crows that perch on the plants or trees of your neighbors. Additionally, you can purchase an item called Sunflower mama for 250 LE and a small pot that costs 50 LE, so you can plant your first plant which will produce an amount of 850 LE after 6 days.

If you do the math, you will see that in a few days you will be able to recover your investment and that you will have the ability to save money to buy a seed and later become a farmer. This is the slowest and cheapest way, but surely if you have perseverance and patience you will be able to obtain a good capital to acquire your first tree and obtain superior profits within this game.

How is seed collection done in Plants vs Undead?

The most common way to get a seed in Plants vs. Undead is buying it in the video game marketplace , however, when you do the daily watering mission on your neighbors’ plants, there is a 0.01% probability that you will get a seed as a prize.

Another way to obtain seeds apart from buying them or obtaining them through the probability for the daily reward, is by buying a tree, which have the property (depending on their attributes), to drop a seed that if you plant it you will get another tree or else you can sell it on the game’s marketplace.

Also mother trees give us a 2% probability of dropping a seed, this is another way to obtain a seed for free, since just by buying a tree, you will have a 2% probability of doubling your investment and as a consequence , your earnings.

What are the types of plants that we can grow in the lands of Plats vs Undead?

Within the game we will find that there are 9 types of different plants , in addition there are 4 rarities for each of them (common, uncommon, rare and mythical), the types of plants are:

  • Fire
  • Water
  • Ice
  • Wind
  • Electro
  • Light
  • Parasite
  • Metal
  • Dark

The difference between each of these plants lies in the amount of LE that they will passively produce per hour . These plants can be bought in the game marketplace or they can be obtained by sowing a seed acquired in the game market itself.

Additionally, gardeners may also choose to buy certain types of cheaper plants with a LE production time limit, these are called Sunflower Mama with a cost of 200 LE and a production of 850 LE in 144 hours of life and Sunflower Sapling , with a cost of 100 LE and a production of 250 LE in 72 hours of plant life.

What rewards does caring for our plants give us in Plant vs Undead?

When we carry out the mission of maintaining our plants with two irrigations every 24 hours and we scare away the crows that land on them, the game rewards us with 50 LE plus a surprise box. In this box we can win different rewards at random, such as a pack of water and scarecrows, a Sunflower Mama or Sunflower Sapling, large or small pots and there is also a small percentage of probability of winning a seed for a tree growing .

What are the meteorological aspects that we must take into account for our plants?

Within the game there are 4 weather stations that last one week each and more than 20 meteorological cycles that somehow affect the productivity of the plant. These events have a duration of 24 hours and the rule says that an event will not repeat before 48 hours after its last cycle.

These events have been created to give a different dynamic to the game, for example there are events that increase the LE productivity of the plants by a random percentage, for example, during a 24 hour weather event, all the plants within the game will increase their productivity by 30%, after 24 hours, the productivity of the plants will return to their normal LE production.

What daily watering limits and crows do the gardeners and farmers in Plants vs Undead have?

All farmers must carry out two irrigations every 24 hours to all the plants they have planted on their land, whether they are obtained from seeds, trees bought in the marketplace, Sunflower Mama or Sunflower Salping obtained from reward boxes or bought in the market.

The gardeners, in addition to doing the two waterings corresponding to their plants every 2 hours, also have the mission of watering at least 15 plants from other farmers in neighboring lands. It is also part of their mission to scare 5 crows from the plants of the neighbors that have been visited by these annoying birds.

How can I purchase PVUs for my Plants vs Undead account?

The PVU Tokens (Plants vs Undead) so far can only be purchased on a cryptocurrency exchange platform called Pancakeswap, for this you must also have the Meta Mask Wallet web extension installed and have an account created on Binance, another page of buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

So to obtain your PVUs and start investing in the game, the first thing you should do is create an account at , there configure all your personal data and follow the instructions to activate the two-step verification and thus be able to access the P2P trading. In this way you can buy the BNB token with your local currency, this will be the first step you must take.

The second step will be to install the Meta Mask extension in your favorite browser , it is recommended that you do it from your computer, since tests have been done in mobile phone browsers and there have been some problems to display the PVUs. The official page of Meta Mask is , access it and download the extension.

When you install it, the system will generate a secret phrase which you must keep very well , since only with it you will be able to recover your wallet in case you lose access to it or need to create a new wallet on another device . When you have it configured, you must add the Smart Chain network to Meta Mask , for this follow the following steps at the bottom of the letter:

  • Click on Add Networkor add network at the top right of the Meta Mask extension and add the data in this order
  • Network name:Smart Chain
  • New RPC URL:
  • ChainID:56
  • Symbol:BNB
  • Block Explorer URL:

Once you have bought the BNB in ​​Binance with your local currency in the P2P section, you must withdraw them to your Meta Mask wallet through the Smart Chain network, these will now be reflected in your Meta Mask wallet. Now go to the page where you can exchange BNB to PVU .

We are almost at the end of the process, the next thing you should do is add the PVU token to Meta Mask so that when you make the change, you can see it reflected in your balance.

In order to see the PVUs in your Meta Mask wallet you must add the following contract (without quotes) “0x31471e0791fcdbe82fbf4c44943255e923f1b794” in the “Add token” section of your Meta Mask, in a few seconds you should be able to view the tokens that you have exchanged from BNB to PVU .

Finally, connect your Meta Mask wallet to Plants vs. Undead , by going to the official page and clicking on the “Register” button, once you are redirected to the registration page, click on “Connect with MetaMask”, when you do, you will see The extension of your wallet will be activated and you must enter the password that you configured when you installed the extension, write it down and press the ” Sign ” button. Once you do, you will be in the game and you will be able to see the PVUs reflected in your balance.

With these PVUs you can buy the materials to carry out the gardener work or buy a seed or tree to start generating passive income thanks to the production of LE per hour from each plant.


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