PowerPoint Online Tips and Tricks for Making Better Presentations

Microsoft PowerPoint is a great presentation tool. Whenever you need to create a presentation for a school or student project or for office work, you can opt for Microsoft PowerPoint, which comes with beautiful themes and templates.The desktop version costs money. If you don’t want to spend money, PowerPoint for the web can do the same for you for free! You may not get as many features as the desktop version, but you can still get by without them. Let’s take a look at some Microsoft PowerPoint Online tips and tricks to help you create better presentations.

PowerPoint Online tips and tricks

1] Convert presentation to PDF

Even if people use PowerPoint to make their presentation visually impressive, sometimes you won’t be able to reproduce your presentations. However, you can show the same presentation without animation to everyone by converting it to PDF or portable document. After completing your presentation, go to File > Print> Print to PDF. It will take a few minutes to convert your presentation, and then you will be able to download it.

2] Let others design your presentation

If you are having trouble creating PPT or want to work with someone to create a custom PowerPoint presentation, you can invite that person or share a link to let him / her edit your presentation. Like other Microsoft Office Online tools, you don’t need a Microsoft account to edit. The person at the other end can also download or insert the presentation. Use the Share button visible in the upper right corner. You will be able to create a link to view or edit the presentation.

3] Insert non-copyright images from Bing

Sometimes you may need to insert images into your presentation to make it look more attractive or to explain the meaning. You have two options. First, you can search for copyright-free images and download them. Second, you can use image search directly from Microsoft Office Online. No need to upload images – and best of all, you don’t need to worry about copyright as all images will not be copyrighted. To do this, go to the Insert tab> select Online Images> find the image and select one of the search results> click the Insert button.

4] Insert YouTube video into your presentation

If you want to embed a YouTube video into your PowerPoint presentation, here’s a trick. Go to Insert> Online Video> find the video and select it from the search results> click the Insert button.

5] Embed presentation on web page

Do you have a website and want to embed a PPT presentation? Microsoft PowerPoint Online does an excellent job of this. You can create your presentation with all slides and prepare it. Once done, go to File> Share> Paste> click New> Select Dimension> Copy the Code and paste it into your HTML page.


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