10 Examples of High Self-Esteem

Self -esteem is a fundamental element in the life of every person because it is what will allow them to face the different circumstances that arise. Therefore, we present 10 examples of high self-esteem that will allow you to identify and evaluate your own self-esteem.

What is self esteem?

Self-esteem is a concept within psychology that refers to the positive or negative assessment that each individual gives to himself.

Even though self-esteem can be dynamic, that is, move between these two poles, there is a relatively stable tendency in each person.

When the balance tips more to the positive end, we find a person who is generally able to feel good about themselves and enjoy life.

On the contrary, low self-esteem leads the person to a continuous feeling of discomfort and rejection towards their own experiences.

importance of self esteem

The level of self-esteem that we develop is fundamental, since it will be what guides our way of seeing situations and coping with the various circumstances that we go through.

It is even related to survival because it is what will allow us to be more inclined to expose ourselves to experiences that are beneficial or harmful to us.

Taking care of our self-esteem leads us to live in a sense of fullness and well-being, both physical and mental and emotional.

Self – esteem even has an impact on the economy since those who maintain a high level of it are more productive and enterprising .

Examples of high self esteem

Self-esteem can be classified into two extremes that would be high and low, although it is possible that it oscillates between these two poles, it will generally keep pointing to one of these.

In order to more easily recognize high self-esteem, we will review some examples observed in people.

1. Being able to trust in one’s own abilities

A person with high self-esteem manages to identify their own abilities and uses them when necessary, which allows them to function more effectively.

This means that, with an optimal level of self-esteem, the individual manages to perceive himself as competent to face the different challenges that arise.

2. Self dignity

When we know our worth, we are able to understand that we deserve the good that happens to us, that there are personal merits to receive it.

It is for this reason that a person with high self-esteem will be more oriented towards experiences of positive sensations.

3. Focus on success

Another example of high self-esteem is the constant search for success, this is related to that feeling of deserving it and therefore makes more effort to achieve it.

4. Rise quickly from adversity

Although we are all exposed to adverse experiences, the difference with people with high self-esteem is their ability to recover more quickly.

5. Stay active

A person with high self-esteem is always creating, considering projects or goals, reinventing themselves if they consider it necessary, they are not satisfied with where they are.

6. Be nice

Examples of high self-esteem also include the way a person relates to others, as this tells us about the level they have.

The person with high self-esteem is much kinder and more respectful towards others, because they know their value and also recognize the importance that everyone deserves.

7. Acknowledge mistakes

Having high self-esteem does not mean believing yourself to be perfect, on the contrary, it means being able to recognize your own weaknesses and mistakes that can be made at any given time.

8. Feeling good about one’s appearance

A person with high self-esteem has no complexes, they feel good about the way they look, and they don’t need the constant approval of others to achieve it.

9. Be in a good mood

Another example of high self-esteem has to do with the state of mind and attitudes that are constantly shown on a day-to-day basis.

Good humor arises as a result of feeling good about yourself and maintaining a positive disposition towards life and the circumstances that arise.

10. Take care of health

A person with high self-esteem understands their worth and therefore seeks their own well-being by taking care of their body through the practice of healthy habits.


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