10 Airbnb Alternatives

Airbnb is one of the largest vacation rental portals that exist and whose growth has been enormous in the last years of life. Numerous competitors have emerged, many of them offering perfect sites for many people who decide to disconnect from their daily routine.

As with many applications, the portal has great competition, which is why we have compiled the 10 best alternatives to Airbnb . Many of them are backed by large companies, including for example HouseTrip with the TripAdvisor service.


  • 1 Booking
  • 2 HomeAway
  • 3 Homestay
  • 4 HouseTrip
  • 5 Rentalia
  • 6 Holidu
  • 7 Vrbo
  • 8 Couchsurfing
  • 9 HomeToGo
  • 10 Rural Getaway


It is one of the perfect applications to search for hotels, apartments, hostels , hostels and getaway sites at any time of the day. It is one of the best alternatives to Airbnb, since it has a wide range of possibilities when it comes to taking a site and reserving it directly within the platform.

Booking has a large number of accommodations , there are more than 20 million different options when choosing a site and staying for a limited time. To make it much easier, the best thing is to register, choose the city and the people who are going to stay, as well as the date of entry and exit.

Among its doors are the clarity when reserving a site in any of the sites, either in Spain or in another of the many countries available. Before making a reservation it is best to see the comments and the rating of the site . Over 100 million downloads.


Booking.com: Hotels and more

Developer: Booking.com Hotels & Vacation Rentals

Price: Free


It is one of the leading applications when looking for vacation rentals , with many options once it opens and the filters are adjusted. HomeAway has matured over time while being used by more than 5 million people, including those who manage their flats and apartments.

Each place has information, each rental adds several quality images, also all the comforts they have and for the time that can be taken as there are many reservations. Each place has arrival instructions, the possibility of writing to the owners directly and sharing travel information with the family, among other options.

HomeAway works in several currencies, including the euro , the dollar and the pound, although it also adapts to other currencies not mentioned as there are banks that have changed clients. It is well valued by users, it has 4.2 stars out of five, in addition to 5 million downloads.


HomeAway – Homelidays

Developer: Vrbo

Price: To be announced


The Homestay experience is different from the rest , especially for being able to share accommodation with other people from any corner of the world. To do this, reserve a site, in addition to having the host’s information, offering their tastes and interests to all interested parties.

Those that are rented are not usually tourist apartments, it is the best to meet people and over time who knows whether to make new friends. It can be extended to more than one person , there is the possibility of traveling with the family, student vacations or for work reasons.

The guest can book in a family home , in a private home of one person, as a requirement is to rent it a long time in advance. Doubts can be resolved by each of the guests directly, either to request photos, information and other doubts. Despite not being the most widespread, Homestay exceeds 50,000 downloads on Android and the web version is where it has the most users.



Developer: Homestay Technologies Ltd

Price: Free


The well-known TripAdvisor launched the HouseTrip platform as one of the perfect places to search for a vacation rental on a European site, including Spain. Currently it becomes an interesting option if you do not want to stay in hotels, giving you the option of doing it for single days up to a maximum of several weeks if it is available on that date.

TripAdvisor will feed the portal with the opinions of people and the rating of each of the sites, thereby giving a clue of the best to stay. It integrates an average mark thanks to the scores of the users who visit it and it can be paid safely with credit card, PayPal and other services.

The ease of use allows you to find, as well as rent one of the houses that you have available and thus be able to get an extra. HouseTrip is really quite valued, either the application or the service on the Internet, where it is used by millions of people on a monthly basis.


Vacation Rental Owner App

Developer: Tripadvisor

Price: Free


It is certainly one of the fastest growing portals when it comes to renting vacation flats , rural houses and apartments, with a database that continues to grow today. It does not focus only on Spain, it also has available in other countries such as Italy, Portugal, France, Andorra and many more places.

It has a section of recommendations where you can see those sites with the best ratings, ideal if you are looking for a place to go and the comments are more positive than negative. The information on each site makes it a reference , as well as being comfortable when looking for an easy getaway through the app.

The good thing about Rentalia is the clear and clean interface that is visible both when looking for a place, first-hand information, photographs and scores, among other details. Being behind Idealista, the application has been improving remarkably in recent months. It weighs 55 megabytes and has more than 100,000 downloads.


Rentalia: vacation rental

Developer: idealist

Price: Free


It boasts of having the best offers when it comes to renting apartments anywhere in Spain and the rest of the world. Holidu has more than 15 million offers, each one with all the information at first hand, including direct contact with the tenant.

Holidu uses the technology of Booking.com, Vrbo and LivingTarifa to find sites, but includes part of its database because many people trust the service. The application is very light , with a really low consumption and powerful if you want to search for something specific thanks to its filters.


Holidu: Vacation Rentals and Accommodations

Developer: Holidu GmbH

Price: Free


With Vrbo you can find a house on the beach, a chalet , a quiet apartment in the city or a cabin, among other options within your search engine. The platform allows you to search among more than 2 million accommodations in more than 190 countries and book from the application days before.

Once the trip has been made, it gives us the option of being able to share the information and images so that it can be seen by the community, especially being valid for other people who want to organize their trips. Vrbo is one of the most serious options, in addition to being able to pay safely as it is a perfectly encrypted page. More than 5 million have the Android app.


Vrbo vacation rentals

Developer: Vrbo

Price: Free


When looking for an economic option, it is designed to share accommodation with other people , since it is essential to contact the host, the person in charge of transferring the site. No amount is usually paid, it is designed for travelers, you usually sleep in those places designed by the host, it is almost always the sofa or in a room if it was free.

It is usually a platform where you can get to know places without having to pay to stay, it usually offers information in each of them and is perfect if you want to go to a different city or country. It is ideal if you want to meet and share with people, you can also be one of the hosts after registering on the platform. The Android app has around 5 million downloads.


Couchsurfing Travel App

Developer: CouchSurfing Inc.

Price: Free


The HomeToGo platform has partners who rent their properties to use as vacation rentals, either in Spain or in other European countries. You have the option of searching and filtering to find a perfect place, and there are also weekly offers to save money.

The sites are adapted, showing information and photographs, comments are added in each of them, in addition to the score to know the best in a ranking of sites. The application weighs little, approximately 17 megabytes and is light, it hardly consumes resources. More than 1 million downloads on the Android system.


HomeToGo: Vacation Rentals and Country Houses

Developer: HomeToGo

Price: Free

Rural Getaway

It is one of the most important search engines for rural houses , with more than 15,000 available accommodations, it gives you quick access to be able to find the perfect place at any time of the year. Each house has information on everything, whether it includes heating, air conditioning, bedrooms and other important points.

It is best to consult the information of other users to know the experience in that accommodation, the score is another of the key factors if you are undecided. Among the latest news, EscapadaRural lets you synchronize web and app , registration to be able to contact house managers and much more.

Each of the accommodations admits payment by credit card , there are also other formulas if you want to opt for a PayPal account, for example. The last update was on June 19, but it is usually updated in a timely manner with news and some other features.

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