7 best tricks for Gardenscapes

Are you a Gardenscapes fan? Would you like to advance and know each and every one of the tricks of the game? In this article you are going to know a good amount of gardenscapes tricks that will make you know more about the mobile video game. On the other hand, if you still do not know it, you may discover a new mobile game based on finding hidden objects, solving a lot of original puzzles and passing a large number of levels that get more and more complicated. 


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In summary, in this video game, in order to advance in it, you will have to complete the levels in the form of puzzles that arise, some simpler, others more difficult. With this, what will happen is that you will get some points with which you will build your garden little by little (hence it is called Gardenescapes, of course). Do not think that because it is a mobile phone game it will be a walk because not at all. In the first moments you will find easy puzzles to train yourself and get points, learning mechanics and then later, you will have to do some very complicated puzzles for which you will need the Gardenscapes tricks that we are going to tell you in this article. 

To summarize Gardenscapes even more, to win and advance in this video game you will have to get objects such as red apples, pears, petals, water drops that appear in puzzles or you can also download lemonades or finally find some very curious gnomes that will bring reward along with your discovery. Next we go with the tricks for Gardenscapes.


  • 1 Gardenscapes: the best tricks
    • 1 Always find all gnomes
    • 2 Try to focus on getting the infinite lives
    • 3 Use your power-ups well
    • 4 How to get more lives to keep playing?
    • 5 5. Try to make combinations at the bottom and keep combining when you get chain explosions
    • 6 Don’t be afraid to spend money on Gardenscapes
    • 7 If you get stuck in a level, restart it until everything goes the way you want

Gardenscapes: the best tricks

Each and every one of the tricks for Gardenscapes that we put below serves to fulfill the objectives that are set for you in the video game in a more efficient and simple way . It may be easy at first and you don’t need to use any of them but we guarantee that as you progress in the video game you will need to pull them without any doubt, because listen to us when we tell you that it gets complicated and a lot.

Always find all the gnomes

And we anticipate where they are usually found, and it is under the grass. In order to find them, you will have to remove the grass and at least one or the other will come out. Once you have the gnome you must match different objects near them and thus you will get them. For example, one of the simple pairings is to collect dynamite and bombs, in this way it will explode and you will find a gnome easy.

As a tip, we tell you that if you make good combos of four or more squares, you will see the gnomes much easier. Finally with this first trick for Gardenscapes, remember that in order to find the gnomes you will have to remove all the dirt that is on top of the gnomes themselves.

Try to focus on getting the infinite lives

Have you played similar games like Candy Crush Saga? Well, then this trick for Gardenscapes may sound like you. It is the famous trick of infinite lives which is done from the configuration of the schedule of your mobile phone, does it sound more familiar to you? Well if not, we will tell you:

To be able to take advantage of this trick and get infinite lives to continue playing you will only have to, when you run out of lives, exit the video game, remove the data and Wi-Fi, go to the time settings on your mobile phone and move on the schedule or a day if you want. Once you enter the game you will have recovered all the lives in Gardenscapes without any problem. Of course, we advise you that before playing the video game again, you return to your current schedule once you have entered, because in-game schedules may be disrupted and it is better to be safe than sorry.


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Use your power-ups well

Gardenscapes is going to recommend that from the first moment we use the enhancers when we find ourselves stuck, and that is correct but not entirely the most effective. The trick we have here for Gardenscapes is based on the fact that little by little the mobile video game is going to become more complicated and that what will cause you to lose lives at a much higher rate. That’s where power-ups come in. If possible, use them at times where you are totally stuck, so you will get the most out of them, such as pumps.

How to get more lives to keep playing?


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As we told you in the previous trick for Gardenscapes you have to try to save the objects for key or important moments. Therefore, here is a good way to use the video game consumables so that you never stop playing Gardenscapes and always use the coins, hearts and other objects of the mobile video game in a good way :

  • Never use a coin when the game recommends it. Use the coins to win hearts of gold always. By eye with every 900 you will be able to have 5 hearts and that will cause you to continue playing Gardenscapes for a while longer.
  • Use the mailbox to ask your friends who also play more hearts so you can continue playing.
  • Never spend your coins on objects haphazardly. That is, use the coins efficiently to advance in the video game, never buy things in a totally random way because it will not rent you and that will prevent you from buying life points.

5. Try to make combinations at the bottom and keep combining when you get chain explosions

Whenever you can, try to combine everything you can at the bottom of the board that you have on the screen. That is, the only exception is that you have something to move forward, such as bombs, dynamites, TNT or a barrel, everything else tries to combine at the bottom because that will get you to make more chain explosions and thus the board will move more.

In addition to combining at the bottom, you also have to know that vertical combinations will always work much better than horizontal ones. Once again, if you manage to perform this type of combination, you will be able to get explosions or extra combinations and that more chains come out to get more points.

Last but not least, something that many people do not know is that while you get a chain explosion or a reaction, you will be able to continue making some movement. In order to achieve this you will have to be quick with your finger and be attentive, because this will last a couple of seconds but if you manage to fiddle and score points it will pay you much more.

Remember the latter above almost everything, every time you perform a chain combination, be attentive , because if you manage to score within the reaction what you are going to get is that it lengthens and that you clean the board even more and that, finally Best of all, you can create explosives that you already know during this process.

Don’t be afraid to spend the money on Gardenscapes

As a general rule, in Gardenscapes if you have to use money for something is to advance in the video game, without a doubt, because you will end up recovering it sooner or later, also without a doubt. We have already told you that the coins can be obtained in different ways, such as advancing in the video game itself by going up a level, seeing the ads that ingame shows you or with the famous wheel of fortune that you will already know by now.

What we have come to tell you is that the best thing you can do is always invest the money to advance, therefore, spend wisely, that it is always helpful and that with that expense you can advance and in turn replace that money. An example of how not to use the coins would be buying aesthetic objects, which yes, they are precious and adorn, but they do not add efficiency to the gameplay of the mobile video game. There are no better cheats for Gardenscapes, right?

If you get stuck in a level, restart it until everything goes the way you want

Put yourself in a situation, you start a level and from the first moment you see it absolutely black, do not go ahead, because if you have not touched anything you will be able to restart it without losing lives. It may be one of the Gardenscapes tricks that best serve you to advance in a good way. 

It is true that you do not have to do this in the first levels since they are simple, but in anything, if you get stuck do not hesitate, first take a look at the board and from there when you have thought how complicated it is, act , because remember, if you touch anything first, you will not be able to restart without using lives. This, as we say, is going to help you very much in the most difficult levels of the video game so try to think before doing anything in each of those levels. 

Do you know any other trick for Gardenscapes? Comment in the comment box your tricks for this video game!


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