10 best tricks for Hay Day

Are you a Hay Day player and would you like to know all the Hay Day tricks to advance faster? If so, you have reached the right article because we are going to review the most important or relevant tricks in order to advance quickly, such as, for example, get diamonds faster, get money more easily with some type of object and many others that you will be reading here below.


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It is true that the farm mobile video game, Hay Day, is already a few years old, but that is an advantage since this way we can gather the most important tricks to move forward. Hay Day is a video game for both Android and iOS mobile phones in which you will start from scratch until you reach a point where within your farm you can create all the objects and foods that you imagine you can create on a farm, with its animals to produce and their special elaborations.


  • 1 The best tricks for Hay Day
    • 1 Get more diamonds on Hay Day
    • 2 Other tricks to get diamonds on Hay Day
    • 3 Objects that are sold the most in Hay Day

The best tricks for Hay Day

As we told you before, we are going to try to gather the tricks for Hay Day that can serve you the most, such as those tricks with which you will not have to spend real money ingame buying diamonds. Therefore, all these tricks will be the basis of your gameplay in Hay Day and so you have to play whenever you can, since you will optimize resources and you will be able to advance and play your video game longer.

If you don’t pay much attention to us, yes, nothing happens, you can continue playing but it is true that you are going to slow down and that you will see how the rest advance much faster than you and without spending a single euro on your farm. Therefore, we go there with what we had promised you, we go with those tricks for Hay Day, especially, to get diamonds for your farm: 

Get more diamonds on Hay Day

To get diamonds in Hay Day, something very important is going to have different ways of doing it. It can be said that this is going to be the most important trick that is broken down into different points or objects in which to get them, that is why we are going to elaborate with it, because really, it is the one that is going to rent you the most. To begin, we are going to break down where to get them and then we are going to explain one after another.

To get easy diamonds in Hay Day you have to know and get the following things:

  • Toolboxes
  • Cinema night
  • Fishing
  • Facebook Events
  • The Mine, the peaks, the TNT / dynamite
  • Gifts

To start this list, one of the best ways to find diamonds is to go to the farm of someone you have on your friends list and open those toolboxes that give you objects as a reward. To find them, you will only have to take a walk around their farm grounds so you do not leave absolutely any hole without looking. In addition to the issue of diamonds, which is really what we care about, you will also find other types of objects that will also come in handy to advance in the farm. So don’t worry if diamonds don’t always come out, some wooden slats are fine too. It all adds up. We illustrate you with a photo below. 

In addition to these rewards that we were telling you, you can also go through the towns that surround your farm and find treasures. It will be very easy for you to see them on the screen because they are a chest or treasure, just as you imagine it. In case you have not found any on the map yet, you will have to go to the train station, once you arrive you will only have to explore the map so that at the first change (it is easy to find them) you will come across a treasure, Above all and as advice, take a look at the sea and its coasts, there are usually quite a few. Keep in mind that if you do this by visiting a friend on their farm, their chests will reset much faster , so you know, try to come back every so often.


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Leaving behind these types of boxes or chests that you find along the map, to get diamonds and other types of objects (as with boxes) you can go to movie night . What are you going to find on movie night? Well advertising . No more no less. If you go to the entrance of your farm, near the post office, you will find a type of ticker to be able to get diamonds and other types of objects in exchange for seeing advertising on movie night.

You will only have to watch trailers and other types of spots and then exchange those tickets for diamonds . It really is a system that does not cost much and you can leave the mobile phone somewhere while you activate one after another.


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Another of those categories that we listed above was fishing. Fishing is a good (and fast) way to get diamonds, since you will only have to throw the fishing net that you will find on the jetty and use it like any trawl net. Among everything you collect, you may be lucky and you will get the odd diamond. You can repeat this action as a trick in Hay Day every so often on the pier so try to go fishing whenever you connect to the video game.

Another of the tricks for Hay Day is that you follow their official Facebook page , since its developers are publishing the news there and, from time to time, many of their ads contain ingame rewards such as diamonds.

Every time there is a new update they will give you diamonds, remember. In addition, you will not be left without them because they distribute diamonds to tutiplen without any problem so that you can face the update in the best possible way and with the full diamond account. To spend diamonds!

We go with the two final options to get diamonds, the mine, the pickaxes, the TNT and the dynamite. We start the trick:

In the mine is another of those Hay Day sites where you will find very valuable resources, and among them diamonds. But there is always a but. You will need to spend TNT, dynamite, and also use shovels and picks. When you have them all, what you are going to be able to do with them is a piece of quantity of gold and steel bars that you can’t even imagine. Therefore, you will have a 2 × 1, valuable materials and also a lot of possibilities to get diamonds by spending just a few resources in the mine.


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Finally, in this article of Hay Day tricks to get diamonds quickly, we have the gifts. Gifts are a very good way to get diamonds and you just have to take a look at the gifts that the game itself leaves you at your farm house . As a general rule, you will find many diamonds among them since it is one of the options where the video game tries to give you enough resources to advance.

They just want to reward you for playing daily and keeping the game updated , so what more do you want? free diamonds for all.

Other tricks to get diamonds on Hay Day

As you can see, diamonds are expensive and that is why we have focused this Hay Day cheat article on getting them, because we believe that it is what is going to rent you the most to move forward. For this reason, we want to finalize it with other ways to achieve them , you may already know them, or you may not have even realized it and therefore, you cannot miss them.

  • In the video game, as you already know, there are levels, and every time you upload one they will give you diamonds.
  • As we said above, it is highly advisable that you go through the official Hay Day Facebook page , they give away many diamonds.
  • Every time you complete an achievement you will be given a diamond.

Now, to finish the article we are going to give you three other tips for your money in the Hay Day video game.

Objects that are sold the most in Hay Day

A good way to make money quickly on Hay Day is to sell food , but you may be wondering, which ones? Well, we are going to tell you now:

  • All the foods that you make with cream, cheese and butter. 
  • Try to sell all the cakes, sugar and syrup whenever you can separately and at the highest price you can see.
  • If you start cooking, don’t make bacon and eggs, everyone has that on their farms.

Now you know how to get diamonds faster in Hay Day. Do you have any tricks for Hay Day that we didn’t mention here? We encourage you to comment on them in the comment box.


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