5 best tricks for Mario Kart Tour

Are you one of those inveterate fans of the Nintendo franchise, Mario? then you will love the Mario Kart Tour and therefore, you are also going to love this article talking about tricks for Mario Kart Tour. To this day, this video game has become a total success on mobile phones around the world, both on the Android platform and on iOS. Broadly speaking, it is a Mario Kart of a lifetime but designed with a different touch for mobile phones, so during the game you will find all the mythical characters of the Nintendo saga.


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The game as such is very family friendly, that is, it is enough for the whole family. That it is very family friendly does not mean that you will not be presented with challenges throughout the video game, as in all Mario Kart, whether for mobile or not. Keep in mind that if you are a Mario Kart expert you are going to have a certain advantage, but as we say, keep an eye on the road because at any moment this mobile game is going to surprise you. And that’s why we want to make your life easier with tricks for Mario Kart Tour. 

Before starting with the tricks we believe that it is advisable that if you do not know the mechanics of the video game you soak up a little of them before opening it and starting to use the tricks that we will give you in this article. That is why we are going to make a mini intro to talk about how the Mario Kart Tour video game works, although you know, it is in a certain way similar to its brothers, parents and grandparents, the Mario Kart of Ds, Wii, Wii U, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 64 and all editions that exist for Nintendo consoles.


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  • 1 Learn to play Mario Kart Tour
  • 2 Mario Kart Tour Tricks
    • 1 1. Try to connect to the video game every day.
    • 2 2. Never fall into the water.
    • 3 3. Fly with your finger on your screen.
    • 4 4. Choose your broker well, do not do it by favoritism.
    • 5 5. Use the golden pass well

Learn to play Mario Kart Tour

As we say, it is advisable that you take a look at this section, because even if you come from Mario Kart you will find different mechanics that will disrupt the gameplay, in the end it is a totally new video game, keep that in mind.

To start with, you have to know that at no time you will have to accelerate with any button , and that is already a very big difference compared to any Mario Kart that you have played in which you go with the accelerator pressed constantly. In addition to this small but big difference, to use the objects that you find along the road you will only have to click on them on the screen, nothing more.

Then as an extra, in the menu you can modify and edit the controls to your liking so that the gameplay adapts a little more to you and your tastes. For example, you have an option that what it will do is that when you slide your finger, the car will skid in all the curves instead of turning, you know, that mechanic that is also present in Mario Kart and how important it is to the time to pick up speed. Here you have to activate it in the menu and master that technique since you will have to do it manually.


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To finish this mini intro you have to know that the races will also be like in the Mario Kart of a lifetime since they will be distributed in tours and drinks . You know, each and every one of the races will be done on different tours and each one of them will have its own cup that you will collect in different displacements, nothing new if you are a Mario Kart player. You will only have to overcome the challenges, collecting the different collectibles, such as stars, and little by little you will advance and get more items that will improve the game.

Once you have this mini guide, let’s go there with a few tricks for Mario Kart Tour!

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1. Try to connect to the video game every day.

As in all video games for mobile phones, you know, try to connect to it every day because you will receive countless rewards for that little “daily mission” without exception. What’s more, the more you connect in this video game, the more the prizes and their improvements go up, so try to enter even if it is only to receive that daily prize that will improve you when you play.

Of all the rewards that you are going to have, the ones that will most interest you as an object are those that are coins and rubies, since it is the typical currency that has a certain cost in real money that helps you advance in the video game or buy skins in the store that would otherwise be difficult to find or simply, you would have to pay with your credit or debit card.

2. Never fall into the water.

And this title has a certain trap, because that will never happen. You were already thinking as a good Mario Kart player, that obviously, you are an expert and you never fall into the water. Well, this game is more family friendly as we said and has things like this. Never, in any case, will you fall into the water. You will always run into a wall that will block your fall. Of course, that you bump into that wall and do not go into the water does not mean that you do not lose by performing that action or rather, committing that failure. If you hit the wall you will lose speed instantly and that will ruin your run. It is true that it does not take away a lot of speed but if you go fast and in the lead you may lose a bit of the advantage you had achieved.

3. Fly with your finger on your screen.

Take note of this mechanic since it will also sound like you if you are a Mario Kart player but here it is done in a different way. Do you remember when on any unevenness you jump and take that little speed? Well, here it is done by sliding your finger in each jump . Each time you perform this action you will gain a small boost or push that will make you go faster and catch the rest of the competitors or escape from them.

4. Choose your broker well, do not do it by favoritism.

We return to the same topic, if you are a Mario Kart player this will sound familiar to you, but if you are not, it will help you. Never choose your runner for being the character you like the most , since they all have characteristics that make them better or worse depending on the circuit you run on. Some weigh more, as is the case with Bowser, others run more and others skid better, for example. It is normal that you have your favorite character, but since this article is about tricks for Mario kart Tour we advise you to decide your racer well before each circuit.


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Another thing that you can do later in the game is to combine a racer with some vehicle characteristics and that will make you go further in driving and win easier. Remember that in addition to the car and the racer you also have a glider, everything adds up. In fact, it adds up so much that if you do it right you will receive a bonus when it comes to combos in the video game.

5. Make good use of the golden pass

This is the typical battle pass of all video games of 2020 and 2021, nothing more and nothing less. What’s happening here? that for two weeks is completely free and you have it available as a trial so that you know how it works. Well, you just have to go to the option that the video game gives you to buy your own golden pass and for two weeks it will be free, then they will charge you. Remember to cancel it before anything else because if we do not assure you that you will be charged in the payment method that you have entered in your store, be it the Apple Store or the Google Play Store.


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