How to Register and Publish Rentals on Airbnb

Many users enter Airbnb looking for a place to stay . If you have a house, apartment or even a room that you want to rent to tourists, a publication on Airbnb will suffice.

First, you must complete the process to register as a host and after that, publish the home you want to rent on the site.

If you would like to know all the steps you must follow so that you can create an account as a host and have the possibility of offering a stay to those interested, have the account verification and get some tips, read on to learn in this simple guide .

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  1. Download the Airbnb app or enter the official page from your PC
  2. First steps: Select your registration method via Google, Facebook or Apple ID
  3. Airbnb account verification process
  4. Tips to publish correctly if you are a host
    1. Evaluate your competition, stand aside to have better results

Download the Airbnb app or enter the official page from your PC

Airbnb gives you two options for you to sign in the way you see fit . One of them is by accessing its website from your computer and the other by downloading the application on your devices.

To register you must enter the website and select the option “Register” . Then you must enter a phone number to which you will receive a text message with the code to enter.

Having entered with the email, proceed to enter all the data that they request, such as your name, surname, email, among others.

Once you have entered all the data, you must press ” Accept and continue ” after having accepted the terms and policies of the website. Then you can modify your profile data, confirm the email or synchronize your contacts for a greater reach.

First steps: Select your registration method via Google, Facebook or Apple ID

There is another option for you to register or enter Airbnb as a host and that is using a Google, Facebook or Apple account. You must provide the data of any of the 3 methods that you select so that you can publish your home and manage to carry out a management process regarding the people who will rent it.

In the same way, in Airbnb you can synchronize your information with Facebook even if you have registered without using any of these options.

Airbnb account verification process

The verification process is done precisely to increase trust between the guests and the host . To proceed with the verification of your identity in Airbnb you must enter your identification document (ID) and other requirements.

It should be noted that the only published data that people have access to are; your name, age, if you have entered the ID or not, a photo of you and your username.

Tips to publish correctly if you are a host

If you are going to make a publication or announcement about the house you are renting, you must add information about the place. It is best to describe exactly what you are offering for guests .

Always remember to highlight the qualities and conditions in which the house is located so that users have a clear idea of ​​what they will rent.

When you publish photos of the spaces, try to take photos with good quality and with excellent lighting . Showcase clean spaces that highlight the amenities that guests can enjoy. The decoration, atmosphere and other qualities of the place must be in accordance with the description you publish.

Believe it or not, your profile is important for interested parties to contact you . A good profile photo, enough information about yourself and the way you address other users, arouses interest and inspires confidence.

However, it is also important that you remember to delete your account or your publication on Airbnb if at any time you stop offering hosting through the platform.

Evaluate your competition, stand aside to have better results

Lastly, never forget to take a look at the top posts. Compare your spaces with others that may attract the attention of users so that you are more likely to rent your space . Remember that each place has its essence and qualities that characterize it. You can find very simple houses or apartments with minimalist touches, others more rustic such as cabins, or even places which are surrounded by abundant vegetation.

Don’t just compete to offer the most beautiful place on the entire web, you must also pay attention to providing excellent service to users . That will speak highly of you and you will earn positive feedback for your attention and kindness.

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