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Many are the users who use social networks to publish and share with their friends, family and followers in general, the photographs of their vacations, free time … However, they are not the best options if you want to reach a wider audience and even , to be able to earn some money.

In this sense, Flickr has always been a reference for this need, however, when in 2018 it decided to eliminate the 1 TB free that it offered to all its users, many were the users who looked for other options, especially if the number of images that stored more than 1,000.


  • 1 What Flickr offers us
  • 2 Photoblog
  • 3 500px
  • 4 SmugMug
  • 5 DevianArt
  • 6 Imgur
  • 7 Photobucket
  • 8 1x
  • 9 Not-So-Valid Alternatives to Flickr
  • 10 Tips to Consider Before Choosing an Alternative to Flickr

What Flickr offers us

The current limit Flickr makes available to all users is 1,000 photographs. If we pass that number, we must go to the checkout   and hire one of the different storage plans that it offers us. This platform is ideal for occasional photographers, although we also find a large number of professional photographers, however it is not the only option currently available on the market.

If you are looking for an alternative to Flickr that is not a storage service such as Google Photos, iCloud, Dropbox, OneDrive and others (they are not designed for this functionality), then we will show you the best options to Flickr currently available on the market.


PhotoBlog was founded in 2008 and has grown into a thriving community of photographers who share their images and stories around the world. It is a unique platform where you can share your stories along with your photos thanks to the wide community that has been created since its birth around this platform.

As they say “There is a story behind every photo” and this platform is great if you want to make your photos more personal with your own stories. In exchange for $ 19.99 per year, Photoblog offers us unlimited photo storage.


Like Flickr, 500px offers a free service and a paid service. If you have a free account, you can upload 2,000 images before having to pay for a subscription , double the space that Flickr offers us.

But, not everything is so beautiful as there are a number of limitations. 500px limits all free users to seven uploads per week, so it can take more than 5 years to reach the established limit of 2,000 images, a limitation that we cannot find on Flickr.

According to the company, being a platform aimed at amateur and professional photographers, the upload limit in the free version is established to avoid image spam.


SmugMug is one of the most used sites by professional photographers who want to show their work in a photo portfolio . It makes available to users a large number of functions such as custom design, responsive designs, does not allow images to be downloaded with the right mouse button, custom domain name and the possibility of creating your own online store.


This platform is often overlooked by many photographers because most of its content is composed of images created with digital methods, however, many professional photographers use it regularly to post their portfolio.

DevianArt includes different tools with which we can interact with users who visit the platform, which allows users to use this platform to make themselves known to a greater number of people and incidentally grow their businesses.

DevianArt’s free account offers us 2 GB of storage . If we need more storage space, we have to go through the checkout and opt for other payment plans that start at 5 euros per month.


Imgur partners with Reddit images. However, it is also an excellent platform to exchange images with other users with quite a success in the market.

We can create an account for free and we have an upload limit of 50 images per hour , without any limitation. This platform is more oriented to share images with friends or family if we do not want to upload them to social networks.

If you are a professional photographer, this platform should be dismissed as an alternative to Flickr, as well as if you are an amateur photographer who has a certain esteem for his hobby, even if it is not a professional one.


Photobucket is a very popular platform among professionals who want to share, host and store their images, and it is also an excellent showcase that allows them to reach a greater number of potential clients.

All users have a free tier, but can only upload 250 images . The free version allows access to some of the other tools on the site, such as embedding, editing, social sharing, encryption, visibility controls, and EXIF ​​data removal.


If you are a professional photographer who wants to give an outlet to his work, you should try 1x , a service that does not really allow us to store our photographs but will allow us to gain visibility that would otherwise be impossible.

1x is a unique service on this list as we have to submit your work to the site and wait for them to decide whether to publish our work . The level of demand is high, in fact, only 5% of the images that are sent end up being published.

Not so valid alternatives to Flickr

If all you want is to share your photos with friends or family, an excellent option to consider is the different cloud storage services such as Google Photos, OneDrive, iCloud, Dropbox …

The problem with these platforms is that the option to send a public link so that everyone can have access is sometimes quite a difficult option to find , hence we cannot really consider it a valid option to Flickr.

Other options that we should not consider to share and store our images are social networks. Both Facebook and Instagram compress the quality of our images to the maximum, so a lot of quality is lost along the way.

In addition, in most cases, users who want to access the albums created will be forced to create an account on the platform, so it is one more impediment to not consider both platforms as alternatives to Flickr.

Tips to keep in mind before choosing an alternative to Flickr

Many of these websites compress the photos even more, so that they take up as little space as possible. Before opting for one platform or another, especially if our intention is to pay to use them, we must check the level of compression that makes the photographs.

It is of no use to us, paying 5 euros per month if when we go to consult the images, the quality of the photography leaves much to be desired . Sometimes it is preferable to pay a little more to ensure that the compression that the platform does, if it does, does not affect the image too much


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