5 best paid apps on Android

Having an up-to-date mobile phone is 10, but what about having the best payment apps installed to take advantage of it 100%, right? Since we are going to spend money in the Google Play Store at least to do it with head and invest in the best payment applications that we can buy, and not leave money in an app that does not serve us at all and regret it.

That is to say, the Google Play Store is full of applications that in many cases cost us money and at the moment of truth, they are of little use to us. This is where this article comes into play. If you have money saved and want to invest it in some good applications that improve your day to day, we will help you. Because although it seems silly, we use the mobile phone every day for many hours, and having the best payment apps installed can solve our lives in many cases.


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Many times the difference between a good application (we repeat, good) and a free application is that the paid application does not have advertising, it is better designed, its interface is simpler and above all it saves us steps or does the task in question for us. the one that we have lowered much easier. On the contrary, free apps tend to have a lot of publicity, they are limited and in many cases cut so that you spend the money in their paid version.


  • 1 Best payment apps for your Android mobile phone
    • 1 Wavelet
    • 2 Calendar Widget by Home Agenda
    • 3 TouchRetouch
    • 4 Sleep as Android Unlock
    • 5 Cartogram

Best payment apps for your Android mobile phone

At this point we go there with the list of the best payment applications that you can have on your mobile phone. It should be said that because you pay for an app it does not have to be the best in the world . As a general rule, yes, they are better, but you have to know that we buy since in the Google Play Store there are thousands of paid apps that are not worth it.

On the contrary, there are also thousands of free apps that are worth it, but it is already another article. We go there with the list of the best paid apps on the Google Play Store in our opinion.



Wavelet: headphone specific EQ

Developer: pittvandewitt

Price: Free

Are you one of those who listens to music through your mobile phone? then you are going to love Wavelet. No, it is not the new Spotify or anything like that but what this app does is basically improve

the sound of your headphones. To such an extent that it lets you choose the perfect settings for you in order to listen to music with your headphones.

The app has very varied settings and has a 9-band graphic equalizer,  you can also play the treble and bass and in short, almost everything that has to do with audio on your mobile phone. If you have somewhat basic or cheap headphones, you will not be able to do wonders either, but you can improve your audio a bit so that if they throw a lot of treble, or on the contrary, bass, adjust to taste.

An app that is worth paying for if you are a music fan and listen daily on your Android mobile phone.

Calendar Widget by Home Agenda


Calendar Widget by Home Agenda 🗓

Developer: Francisco Franco

Price: € 1.79

Do you like to have everything organized?

Are you one of those people who live attached to an agenda? Do you like integrations? So this is your app. Calendar Widget by Home Agenda is a paid application that is very worthwhile if you like to have everything on your site and organized.

Calendar Widget by Home Agenda has synchronization with Google Calendar (except for reminders). So if you are a user of Google’s suite of tools, you already have points earned with you, I imagine. You will earn more points and we guarantee it when you see how simple and beautiful its interface is.

Calendar Widget as its name suggests, has very simple and functional calendars as well as having many widgets for them . As an extra point if you like customization, the app lets you change the theme and hide or show events to your liking. Without a doubt it is a very good purchase since it is also just over a euro in the Google Play Store.

Feel free to download it if your work or life is based on a calendar and you enjoy its customization.




Developer: ADVA Soft

Price: € 1.99

In a world in which the visual is everything and in which apps like Instagram dominate in terms of users, having a careful feed and uploading the best possible photographs, we all like it. Touch Retouch is an app that will solve your life if you are one of those who travel with your mobile phone in order to take spontaneous photographs. Why? because you can make disappear in a touch as its name says, what you do not like about photography. 

That person, that traffic light or whatever comes to mind that you want to remove from the photo to improve and upload it. You just have to touch and select so that the photo runs out of that element and nobody notices. Anything that is spoiling your souvenir photo that you want to upload to social networks has its days numbered with Touch Retouch. Another of the best paid apps that for just over one euro is going to solve you and save your life on many occasions. Worth paying for it.

Sleep as Android Unlock


Sleep as Android Unlock: Sleep Cycles

Developer: Urbandroid (Petr Nálevka)

Price: € 15.99

I don’t know about you but I like to sleep well and sleep a lot. And sometimes the latter cannot. That is why the little time we spend sleeping has to help us face the days with a lot of energy. That is, we have to sleep good hours and to be able to be enough. With Sleep as Android Unlock you will be able to

monitor all those hours.

This app is one of the best paid apps we’ve seen to control sleep cycles and have an alarm app that wakes you up in a gentle and relaxing way. The app will monitor your sleep cycles and will inform you about all this with very simple and straightforward graphics that will not be difficult for you to understand . This way you will know if you have a sleep deficit or not throughout the week. That at some point we will have to recover those hours of sleep, right?



Cartogram – Live Maps Wallpapers

Developer: Round Tower

Price: € 2.50

You like to travel? Have you stayed with an area of ​​your favorite city and would you like to take it with you in an original way? Cartogram achieves that. It is an application that creates minimalist and beautiful maps for you to use as the wallpaper of your Android mobile phone.

It works in a very simple way and you will understand it without lack of a tutorial or anything like that. You just have to enter the location you want to appear on the screen and the app itself will offer you different map styles. Once you have the style that best suits you, you will only have to download or capture it and put it as your wallpaper or lock screen. You will take with you your favorite city or that street where something happened to you that left you in love or in love with it.

What do you think of these apps? They all have very good scores in the Google Play Store and their prices are very affordable. In particular and personally I prefer the last one, Cartogram. And you? You already tell us in the comment box which one is your favorite. We hope you liked the list of the best paid apps for Android.

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