How to recover Airbnb account

Nowadays it is very important to have an application available for reservations of accommodation, cabins and houses , such as Airbnb, and if for any reason you have lost the username or password of your account, here we will explain how to recover it.

It should be noted that the loss due to forgetting the password of this application to get accommodation offers is one of the most common, but to regain access

These steps may be a little different, depending on which account this service is linked to , for example, it may be linked to your Facebook account, but in this case we will explain when it is linked to the email.

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  1. Access the Airbnb website from your computer
  2. Look for the login or login section
  3. Click on the question ‘Have you forgotten your password’
  4. Enter the email of the account to recover
  5. Reset your password from email

Access the Airbnb website from your computer

The first thing we must do is enter the Airbnb home page from our computer , through the browser of your choice.

Look for the login or login section

Once on the platform’s home page , look at the top right for the option that says login , when you click on this option, a window will appear with two blank spaces, one for the user and the other for the password.

Click on the question ‘Have you forgotten your password’

Just below the blank spaces are some letters with the question Have you forgotten your password? , you must click on that question to start the recovery process.

Enter the email of the account to recover

After clicking on the previous question , a window will appear with a blank space to write the email that is associated with the Airbnb account that you want to recover.

After writing the email in said blank space, you must click on the button below, it says: send link to reset password.

Once you have completed the box and clicked to send the link, the platform will send said link automatically , since it is a specialized mechanism for this type of account recovery inconvenience.

Reset your password from email

Now, you must go to the email which you provided to the Airbnb platform to search the inbox for the email they provided and which will help you reset your password.

Once in the email and you have located the message received from the platform , you must click on the link that says: click to reset your password.

It should be noted that there are times when Airbnb email does not pass the security filters and the email may not be in the inbox , if this is your case, you should only look for it in the spam box or in the spam folder.

That said, you just have to click on the link to reset the password, which will send you to the Airbnb page to enter the new password twice and confirm the change by clicking the submit button.

Once this is done, you can enter the page with your new password, but it is possible that the device is not recognized, for this and for security reasons, you must choose one of the options that will be shown on the screen .

The easiest option is to choose to have a security code sent to your email , you will find and copy them on the Airbnb page in the assigned space.

With this you will click next, and the problem of having forgotten or misplaced your Airbnb password will be solved and you will be able to enjoy continuing to enjoy searching for offers for houses and accommodations from its platform .

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