What Is The Window In Home;Five Features You Must Know

The window in home is a fundamental thing. It derives from the Latin word Ventus which means an opening. The windows are usually located high level of the floor and have a glass so that when they are closed, nothing can enter from the outside. The main function of the window is to safe our environment that is very important to our housing needs. It protects us from the cold, noise, and attempts to violate our spaces. It allows us to ventilate and to enjoy the light of the sun.

What Is The Window In Home;Five Features You Must Know

The window can be closed (that is, with the glass in such a way that no air can enter from the outside. The window can also have curtains on the inside of the room, which is fabrics that allow to stop the light or protect the privacy of those who are inside the house. It can also be considered a symbol of consciousness.

 Window in home Must Have Certain Characteristics And Functions.

To properly evaluate a window, we must pay attention to four factors:

  1. Aesthetics;
  2. Comfort;
  3. Protection;
  4. Security.

It is advisable to evaluate the possibilities which are being offered in the product: shapes, colors, size, framework and matchmaking of the wall. To protect your rest and your peace of mind we suggest you choose windows that offer a noise reduction Rw of at least 30 dB .The windows that ensure good thermal insulation, will be effective for home.

The level of protection afforded by a window frame derives from the ability to protect our environments from wind and water infiltration even in adverse weather conditions. This means that the frame glass of window must be solid and strong.

There are many types of windows that we find in any building, whether private or public. All these kinds of windows are classified based on what their sheets; However, we must also point out that we can determine the types of windows based on the materials that have been used in their preparation.

The roof window also allows you to control the temperature in the area of ​​the humidity, noisiness, wind, and Rain effect. Unlike the skylight, the roof window becomes a important part of your home, and a fundamental architectural element that determines the degree of livability, safety and comfort.

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