What Is Wicca Religion;Five Facts You Must Know

Wicca is a religion or a religious movement that aims to contact with nature and harmony. Wicca is a more advanced religion. It was best known for the works of Gerald Gardner and Doreen Valiente, which were published in the years 1950-1960 in England.

Wicca is modern religion that combines elements of natural, paganism and the four elements of doctrine in addition to the practice of ritual magic to a cult. Wiccans celebrates the natural cycles. Those who practice wicca are called Wiccans.

What Is Wicca Religion;Five Facts You Must Know

Professor Ronald Hutton, in his essay on Wicca, identified 4 salient points of this religion. We report them below:

  • The concept of universal ethics is replaced by the concept of personal ethic. It allows freedom to express and emphasis on individual needs and desires.
  • There is belief that divinity can be both feminine and masculine.
  • The pursuit of bringing to light and valuing the divinity present in human beings.
  • The nature of religion or ensemble of mystery religions.

Wicca Religion Beliefs

Wicca belief is a system that encourages free thought, and invites those who practice it to understand the mechanisms of nature. They need to appreciate and benefit from the divinity that lives in everything that surrounds us. Wiccans are opposed to violence in all its forms. The Wicca is mistakenly associated with the team of cults and sects who practice black magic.

Wicca is basically a religion that cares about its own concerns and peacefully lives with neighbors and the environment. To gain plausibility, Wiccas like to draw parallels between themselves and biblical Christianity. But what does the Bible say about this religion? You will not find the word “Wicca” in the Bible, so we need to evaluate different beliefs in the light of what God has to say.

Wiccan spell is idolatry – Romans 1:25 says, “they who have betrayed God’s truth and worshiped and served the creature, and served him instead of the Creator …” In Isaiah 40, God draws a picture of a dozen great creators compared to His creation. If you worship anything but the Creator, you are guilty of idolatry or idol worship.

Wicca gives false hope. Hebrews 9:27 says, “And as man is destined to die once, and after that the judgment.” God says we only receive one life. There is no second chance for another life and no second chance after life. If we do not accept God’s gift from Jesus in our lifetime, he will judge us because we were unwilling to be in His presence and rejected Him for life, so we are sent to hell.

Wicca does not have a holy book or sacred texts . There is, however, a so-called ” Wiccan rede” , which is binding for all, and summarizes the Wiccan concept of ethics, which is based on one’s own conscience and respect for all living creatures : ” Whatever you want until you do not hurt anyone. “- But since it is easy to argue that the concept of” hurting someone “is for everyone else, it is better to interpret them more like: ” Do other things what you want them to do to you, and do not do to them what you do not want them to do you “. Quite frankly, “The freedom of my fist ends with your chin”.

Wicca recognizes the principle of karma . Everything we do will return. If we do good deeds, we will also do well. If we do evil deeds, we will only turn bad and bad. A certain variation says that everything we do will return three times, but that’s basically the same thing.

Wicca teaches love for nature and respect for all living. Everything has a soul and everything is equal. This does not only apply to the human-animal relationship, but also to the man-woman relationship. In Wicca, both sexes are equal to 100% . Physical love does not look like sin.

Wicca believes there is no supernatural ; everything is part of a natural cycle, and therefore magic and spirituality for wiccans are a natural part of life , not something holy , just for a limited group of individuals (priests, etc.).

Wicca is not dogmatic. Every Wiccan practices it differently; the personal beliefs of everyone can vary it. This idea of ​​a witch is completely independent of a particular religion. . But most witches or magicians are religious in some way. Their supernatural abilities sharpen their view of the spiritual world. Those who live with supernatural abilities cannot long deny the insight that there are more levels of reality and a spiritual dimension of our lives.

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