What Is Warranty;5 Facts With Great Examples

Warranty is the responsibility of the supplier to deliver the product or service free of defects and operating conditions, and to repair defects found by the consumer within a specified period. According to the warranty, the customer may complain about the purchase of defective goods up to 24 months. Therefore the seller is liable for all defects that already existed at the time of sale – even for such defects, which will be noticeable later.

What Is Warranty;5 Facts With Great Examples

Examples of Warranty

A refrigerator manufacturer offers a 9-month warranty (which is the contractual warranty), in addition to the 90-day Legal warranty. That way, you will have 90 days plus a 9-month warranty for this refrigerator. You can easily claim a damaged item from the seller within the first 9 months. After 9 months, however, the buyer must prove that the damage was present from the start.

Another example of warranty is here. Apple voluntarily gives the I phone a twelve-month warranty. In contrast to the statutory warranty, it also includes defects that occurred after the purchase. Also included are additional services such as telephone assistance. For an additional charge, Apple users can extend the warranty (“Apple Care”).

At the same time, Apple must also grant the statutory 24-month warranty. However, if you have not completed the chargeable warranty extension and discover a defect after, for example, 23 months, you must prove that the damage was already present at least at the point of purchase. Only then can you ask Apple for a repair

Why Warranty Is required?

Warranty is all about with backup. It is the protection that is provided when something is purchased or an action is going to take place that needs direct supervision so that the client or buyer feels comfortable and safe.

Rights of the buyer in case of defects

If the purchased item is defective, the buyer has various rights to the side:

  • subsequent performance
  • Claim for damages
  • right of withdrawal
  • Reduction of the purchase price


There are many differences between warranty rights and warranties that online merchants should be aware of in order to properly respond to any claims by their customers. If a trader wants to make his products more attractive through a guarantee, he is also subject to numerous legally binding information requirements.

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