Why do phones have a LiDAR scanner?

For the first time, Apple equipped the iPad Pro with a LiDAR scanner. After that, this option added to the list of features of the super-successful iPhone 12 Pro / Pro Max smartphones. But the scanner was missing on the not very successful versions of the Mini. It is possible that this fact contributed to the decline in the popularity of mini-models of the twelfth series of iPhone.

iPhone 12 Pro / Pro Max broke all previous sales records. By the way, you can buy an iPhone 12 About Max at the link tehnoezh.ua, browsing the catalog of the online store. In Japan, these Apple devices have collected half the revenue from phone sales. Despite this, there are rumors that Apple will still not equip some models of the 13th version of smartphones with a leader sensor.

Why do you need this scanner?

Cameras equipped with LiDAR recognize 3D objects. This is possible through the use of light scattering and absorption technologies. The algorithm of the scanner is as follows:

  • The device sends a light beam.
  • The rays, repelling objects on the way, return. Returned beams transmit information about the range of the obstacle.
  • The sensor receives data and on their basis forms silhouettes of objects.

Similar technologies are widely used in the creation of autopilot systems for cars.

Does the smartphone need autopilot?

In phones, leaders will be used for a different purpose. The technology makes it possible to scan the facial relief. Therefore, LiDAR may soon displace Face ID. Also with the help of this scanner you can make a better portrait or night shooting .

With the help of lidar optimize the process of placing in the lens of the camera virtual spatial images with reference to the real area. Placing items look in the photo as tangible. For ordinary people, this option will probably not be useful. But for amateur photographers, the scanner opens up additional creative possibilities .

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