How to troubleshoot the scanner to an All – in-One Printer

Troubleshooting the scanner of an all-in-one printer is a simple process of elimination. You start at the most basic level, hitting out those problems that aren’t the problem and work your way up the scale of complexity as long as you have a working scanner. Follow these steps to troubleshoot the scanner on an all-in-one printer.

How to troubleshoot the scanner to an All – in-One Printer

1 Check the power supply. Almost everyone has missed this simple solution at least once. Make sure all power switches are on, all cables are connected and the lights are showing green.

eliminate the possibility of operator error refresh the memory on the instructions for use. If you find that you have missed a step in the scanning process, highlight the relevant step in the operation manual and try to scan again.

Verify the correct positioning of the document you want to scan, which is face down on the scanner glass bed. Spot clean the glass if necessary with a damp cloth.

double check your scan optimization settings. Some printers allow you to fine-tune their settings for printing images, documents only, or mixed documents. Make sure you have the right of the selected one.

Make sure you have the right target computer selected in a network. If you aren’t on a network, examine the cables connecting your all-in-one printer to your computer.

Keep your device’s task manager while scanning. Some all-in-one printers need their task manager in the toolbar to function properly.

Pull the troubleshooting menu for the printer on your computer for more system-specific remedies.


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