How to properly organize the workplace at home

In the current situation, where there are recommendations for self-isolation, who can switch to a remote form of work. has been working from home for more than a year and is ready to share tips with anyone who wants to create or improve their home space for computer work.


First of all, you need to find a space where the workplace will be organized. Ideally, this is a separate room, with doors that can be closed with a latch or lock. Position yourself as you like, if you do not like to look at the screen – sit with your back to the wall. So you can control the door without being distracted :).

If there is no separate room / room, then try to find a cozy corner. It is good if there is a possibility to settle down on a glazed balcony, or even in a pantry (within reasonable limits). The principle is the same – you should be comfortable.

Working in the kitchen is not the best option. Yes, there is a table and at least a chair, but the idyll will end at the very moment when it is necessary to cook dinner. Noise, smells, attempts at conversation, a kitchen worker will be waiting for all this.

Headphones help to isolate from loved ones. And the more – the better, because others will be able to understand that you do not hear them, and will not start a dialogue, if it is not very important. It is more convenient to work at the computer in wireless models, because you can easily move around the room without removing headphones and stopping playback.

Perhaps the main point for quality work at home – is communication with family. They need to be explained (and more than once) that work is underway, and after each dialogue or request, they need to readjust to work. Discuss the schedule and ask not to bother at certain times of the day, but also take the time to help with the household, otherwise at least the older generation is likely to consider you idle. It is worth looking for compromises.


Now the main type of work computer is a laptop. First of all, thanks to the ability to take it with you and be ready to perform tasks anywhere while there is a battery charge. But at home, or even in the office, this solution is not perfect. First of all, because of the wrong fit, because the keyboard and monitor are located next to each other, for this reason, at the table on the laptop you work with a bent neck. The minimum that can / should be done is to raise the laptop on the stand to eye level, and connect an external keyboard and mouse. But it is better to use a monitor.

The screen of even a 15-inch laptop is not so big that you can open several tabs in parallel. But if you connect a monitor, keyboard and mouse to the laptop, you will get a full-fledged “office” workplace. And in addition to the large screen (we recommend a diagonal of 22 inches, but it is better to look closely at 27+ inches) there will be another opportunity to display information on the laptop screen. It’s great to display data that you need to return to often, but it’s inconvenient to switch between windows, such as tables, where you should write something from time to time. You can also run an audio player here, or even watch a TV series or YouTube in the background.

If there is no need for an additional screen, or to avoid distractions, you can simply close the lid of the laptop, then it will turn into a miniature (relatively) computer. But it is better not to put it in a niche (under the monitor), because at any time you may need to lift the lid.

There is a third option – vertical, suitable if you do not have a good keyboard and mouse. You can put the laptop in front of the monitor and use its controls. But it is desirable to make the monitor the main display, it is useful for proper landing, as described below. recommends spending most of the day at the table, but this is not the rule. The advantage of the laptop is that you can disconnect the wires in two seconds and leave, finishing work on the go, without overturning or synchronizing the device. Okay, don’t leave, just climb on the couch and read the article, making minor edits. The variety of poses and the ability to change jobs have a positive effect on productivity.

Proper landing

The options are sorted out, now about the table and chair. You need to sit so that your back is more or less flat and your eyes are at the level of the top edge of the monitor. If it is not large enough – you can use a special stand, or just put something under it. Experiment and see how convenient.

The height of the table and chair should be such that the hands lie effortlessly on the keyboard, and the elbow was approximately bent at right angles. This requires that the table or chair is adjustable in height. And both are better. Now there are tables for standing work, but they are much more expensive than traditional, and not everyone will like it, although it gives another way to diversify the workflow. It is better to try to work standing in a makeshift place for a few hours before making such a purchase.

Do not forget about the place on the table to move the mouse, and in general there should not be crowded. The same can be said about the space under the table. It is important that the chair fits completely there and can be rotated. The only thing that can be located there – a footrest, if the chair is raised too high and you have to stand on your toes, or your legs are dangling in the air (but the landing is correct).

The minimum requirements for a chair or armchair are height adjustment, enough seat space, and armrests. They will allow you to sit relaxed. There are a number of gaming chairs, stylized for racing. Even the cheapest (relatively) of them provide a comfortable fit and a bunch of settings (the difference in material quality and brand). But the question is in the price, it is cheaper to find good copies and among traditional office chairs. The main thing – do not rush to the cheapest, think about the quality of the assembly and durability.


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