10 Features of sensors in smart watches

Honor presented the Watch GS3 smartwatch . The gadget feature is an advanced heart rate sensor. The eight-channel heart rate monitor uses an artificial intelligence system that allows the module to accurately and quickly determine the physical condition of the owner. Modern smart watches have evolved into multifunctional gadgets with different sets of sensors and auxiliary options. Knowing how certain modules work, you can choose a device that is ideal for specific purposes.

Accelerometer: a basic sensor in smart watches and fitness bracelets

The main function of the accelerometer is to count the number of steps taken. The sensor reads information about the current state in space, as well as speed. Thanks to this, the device knows when the owner is not working for a long time, and when engaged in a certain activity. Sensors are digital and analog, the sensitivity of different models can vary greatly. Ch

GPS tracker: The best way to locate a gadget

This technology makes it possible to determine the current coordinates using satellite signals. The sensors are highly accurate. To calculate the coordinates, the time that elapses from the moment the satellite sends the signal to its fixation is used for hours. The more spacecraft are in the range of the sensors, the more accurate the data will be. In addition to coordinates, the GPS tracker also determines other indicators, including speed and altitude.

Heart rate sensor: the ability to constantly monitor the condition of the body

Heart rate is a key indicator of the body’s work. Thanks to modern technologies, you can determine the parameter without going to the doctor. The heart rate sensor works on the basis of LEDs. The elements emit light, which is absorbed by body tissues. Based on the amount of blood in the vessels, the level of light absorption also changes. The sensor detects this, and then the algorithm measures the heart rate. Modern modules based on AI are not exactly inferior to the ECG.

Conductivity sensor and thermometer: control over training intensity

As the amount of moisture on the surface of the skin increases and the electrical conductivity of the cover. It also signals a high intensity of loads. The data obtained with the help of the conductivity sensor allow to control training, to maintain the optimum level of activity. Additionally, a thermometer is used for this purpose. Controlling the temperature of the skin also makes it possible to understand how intensely a person works.

Other useful sensors

The smartwatch is also equipped with other sensors that allow you to monitor:

  • light level;
  • respiratory rate;
  • removing the gadget from your hand, etc.

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