Who is calling you? How to activate Caller ID

If they call us, we want to know who it is. That is why for years there has been a caller ID on the phone that not only shows us the classic 9 … but it tells us who it is if we have it on the agenda or that, in current mobiles, it tells us who it is thanks to information obtained from Google. But how do we activate caller identification in the different operators? In Vodafone, Orange, in Movistar and in other operators.

Identify on mobile

On your mobile phone, if you have an Android smartphone, you can use the default Google application that allows us to activate the caller ID and protection against spam. This is free and available on all phones with this operating system that have a recent version of it. It’s normally on by default, but we may need to turn it on sometime if it’s not. The steps are simple and, as we say, it is free.

We simply have to go to the Android Phone application and go to the three points of it and choose “Settings2 in the drop-down menu. Here we can go to “Call and spam filter” although it may appear with another similar name. Either way, look for the option “See caller ID and spam” in this Google menu. Tap on it and activate it to show who it is.

Generally, not only will the name appear when they call you, but Google can also show it when you phone, confirming that you are calling the correct number if they are public telephones of establishments, clinics or any similar option. It’s free and Google will use the information you find

In operators

How it is activated and how it is used in the different operators.

On Vodafone

The identification of calls in Vodafone from the landline phone is deactivated by default, but we can activate it from the web page. Of course, we must bear in mind that it has an extra cost. When someone is calling us we will let us know who it is. In incoming calls, the name or information of that person will appear and we can decide whether or not we want to pick up the hook, for example. It is deactivated by default and has a monthly cost of two euros including VAT.

To activate it, we must go to the My Vodafone menu on our operator’s website or from the application, accessing the customer area. Here we can go to “Online settings” and “Call options” Until you find: Caller ID. Check the corresponding switch to activate it, but keep in mind that two euros per month will be added to your Vodafone bill.

In Orange

At Orange we can also activate the identification service on the landline phone that allows us to view all calls received on the line as long as the person who is telephoning does not do so with a hidden number. It is activated by default but we can deactivate or reactivate it if we have previously canceled it. Of course, it has a price. As in the case of other operators, activating the caller identification service on the Orange landline has a monthly price. In this case it is two euros per month that will be paid on your bill.

How do we activate it ? We can call 1470 to do so if we are private clients or 1471 if we are business clients. Here you will have to give your data so that an agent of the operator can activate the service and start using it.

In Movistar

The price in Movistar is exactly the same as in the previous cases, but we must activate it. Caller ID on the Movistar landline has a price of two euros per month with VAT included. They explain from the service’s website that the price of the registration fee is 7.27 euros including VAT , but in promotion at 0 euros for all customers for an unspecified time.

What it does is that it allows us to know who is calling us on our landline. They explain from Movistar: “With the Caller Identification service you will avoid talking to whoever you do not want, because you will know in advance who it is. And you will also be able to know and automatically return the last ones received, whether they have been attended to or not ”. Although you must bear in mind that the phone must have a screen or adapter so that we can see the corresponding identification.

To register it, we can do it from the Movistar customer area. We simply have to go to the caller identification website and tap on the big green button that indicates ” Activate / Deactivate “. Or we can contact the operator to carry out the contract.


At Jazztel the price is similar to all the previous ones and the call identification service on the landline phone is two euros per month with VAT included. It depends on the moment in which you have contracted your line or not that it costs you money. As collected from the operator, if you hired your fixed line before May 6, 2018, you will have the service activated for free and by default, but the conditions have been changed if you have changed the rate, for example. Or simply if the line is before this date. You can check with the operator before activating it.

We can activate it from the Jazztel customer area. We access with the username and password that we normally use and here we go to “My contracted services” from the section for the fixed line you have. Once here, search and choose “Hire more products” . You will see a series of options such as mobile lines, televisions … And the one that interests us “Caller ID”. Touch on it and a screen will open where you see the landline number in which you are going to activate it, its characteristics and a box to check if you accept the costs and conditions. Once you have it, click on the green ” Activate ” button.

In Digi

At Digi, the fixed terminal you use has Caller ID service included for free. Digi gives its landline customers a wireless phone with the contracting of this rate. The phone that you receive when hiring the landline with this operator has already included the identification service and allows you to view the phone number that is trying to contact you. It is always activated and does not require any extra cost except what you already pay for the different lines and rates.

This operator also includes the call waiting service, but, on the other hand, it does not have an answering machine for the fixed line.

Other operators

There are other operators in which we do not have to pay to use caller identification but they automatically offer it for customers of their fixed services . This is the case of MásMóvil, which offers by default fixed on all fiber or ADSL lines and also the identification of calls without any additional cost per month.

The same happens with Yoigo, which allows us to have identification for free and is included in all the fixed telephony rates that the operator has without having to pay those two euros that other operators do have.

O2 also includes the default service at no additional cost, unlike other Telefónica brands. The fiber and mobile rate also includes the landline and has the identification service automatically activated without the need to do anything from the operator’s application or to pay extra month after month.


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