How to know if a number is busy without calling

Lately it often happens, in an attempt to contact a person on the phone, to find them already engaged in another conversation, with that annoying busy signal that never seems to end. You are rather tired of constantly trying to call her back: the thing, in addition to making you waste a lot of precious time, is also starting to affect your renowned patience. In addition, you would also like to prevent the recipient from receiving any notifications about your call attempts.

It occurred to you, therefore, that perhaps technology could also meet you on this particular need: perhaps a service has already been provided that can help you understand how to know if a number is busy without calling and, simply, not you are still in the know.

Well, you will be pleased to know that there are actually some solutions that allow you to understand in real time if the number of a particular contact is free or busy even before starting the call and even doing it anonymously, both from PC and smartphone. Do you want to know how? Simple, you just need to take a few minutes to read this article and I am sure that at the end you will have a clearer idea of ​​what are the possibilities currently in place. So, have I convinced you? Perfect! In this case I just have to wish you a good continuation!


  • How to know if a number is busy without calling from a PC
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  • How to know if a number is busy without calling from mobile
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How to know if a number is busy without calling from a PC

For this specific need, you would like to be able to use your computer directly , thus avoiding installing apps on your smartphone: in this case, the solution I would like to recommend is to use a web service for free calls.

Basically, through this type of resource it is possible to make a phone call from a fictitious foreign or private number , so as not to show your personal number on the receiver’s display or on the notification that he could possibly receive if, for example, he has activated the call waiting service with your operator.

In the next chapter, to make the mechanism clearer, I will show you how to know if a number is busy without calling from a PC , referring to a service particularly suitable for this type of need.


As anticipated in the previous chapter, on the Net you can find various resources capable of responding to your specific need, both paid and unpaid, for example Globephone , an online service that allows you to make a free conversation up to a maximum of 30 seconds starting from the answer and does not require registration : as you can see, it lends itself perfectly to the purpose of checking if a number is busy.

To begin, connected to this page of the Globephone site , in which there is a panel, on the right side of the screen, with the heading Free Call Phone (free telephone calls): in the field below, then, enter your name , then press the Next button located at the bottom right of the page.

At the next step, select the nationality of the call recipient number from the Select Country drop-down menu , then enter its telephone number in the next field after the prefix +39 (if it is an Italian number) and press the box on the side of the box to complete the ReCaptcha in order to prove that you are a real user and not a robot.

Before proceeding with the start of the phone call, make sure that the audio on your computer is regularly active and that the volume is properly adjusted. Once this is done, press the Call button below , then wait for the VoIP call to be prepared , again in the right panel.

To determine if the line is free, busy, or, for example, if the answering machine is started , I simply recommend that you refer to both the beeps and the audio that is reproduced by the service, and the messages shown on the screen.

As soon as you see the wording Ringing , consider that the call is in progress: if the line is busy , you will be notified within a few seconds by an automatic voice and, at the same time, by the writing in red Busy which will appear for a few moments at the bottom of the screen.

If the call is redirected to the answering machine , however, you may hear a dial tone and, immediately after, the answer by the guide voice of the service in question, relating to the operator used by the recipient, which introduces the possibility of leaving a message .

Finally, if the free tone continues, your phone is actually ringing: to hang up , then, simply press the red phone symbol located at the bottom of the panel. In all cases, at the end of the call you will be redirected to a thank you screen that will urge you to also use other services offered by Globephone.

How to know if a number is busy without calling from mobile

You would very much like to be able to refer to an app capable of notifying you in real time the status of a user’s line present in your mobile phone book: this would perfectly answer the question “how to know if a number is busy without calling from a mobile” which you are asking yourself.

Well, you will be pleased to know that there is a solution for this need as well, which I will tell you about in detail in the next chapter.


Truecaller is a very complete app that has been very successful for its ability to block unwanted calls and identify “known annoyers” (call centers, phone scams, etc.). It is free in its basic version but has more than a few privacy flaws, so I advise you to use it only if you deem it strictly necessary.

To be able to use Truecaller, in fact, you must accept that your number ends up in a public database and, to take advantage of the function that allows you to see if a contact is busy, you must also allow the app access to the address book (whose data they will therefore be shared with remote servers, which is never a good thing, although the developers promise not to keep or share such data ).

Also take into account the fact that the app, to allow access to all its functions, for example the one to know who has viewed their profile, requires the subscription of a subscription starting from 1.87 euros / month with billing annual. So far all clear? Well then let’s move on.

Truecaller offers a wide range of services for managing telephone calls but, as anticipated in the introductory chapter of this section, it is also particularly appreciated for the possibility of identifying calls from unknown numbers , associated, for example, with call centers with a reputation that is not particularly positive behind, and possibly also to inhibit them .

The specific functionality I would like to talk to you about in this article, however, consists in the possibility of checking whether a particular user is already engaged in another conversation through a special status indicator that certifies their actual availability. However, I warn you from now on that, in order for this to work properly, it is essential that the Truecaller app is also present on the recipient’s mobile phone .

The latter is available both for Android smartphones from version 5.1 (also check on alternative stores if your device does not have Google services) and iOS from version 11.0 (where there is no automatic call blocking, but it is only reported if the number he calls belongs to a known annoyance). If you have well understood the premises contained in the previous paragraph and are still convinced to continue with the installation of the service in question, I will show you immediately how to do it.

First, click on the link indicated above for your phone’s operating system, then press the words Install (Android) or Get (iOS) and wait for the automatic download and installation procedure to be completed. If you have an iPhone, you will also be prompted for identity verification via Face ID , Touch ID, or Apple ID password .

Once this is done, start the app by pressing on its icon on the home screen of your device, then press the Start button located at the bottom of the home screen. Therefore, choose whether to set Truecaller as the default app for managing calls (only on Android) by pressing on the relative option, or keep the default one of your operating system by pressing the word Cancel .

On first use, you will be prompted to register for an account: on an Android smartphone you can choose to associate your Google and Facebook profiles or opt for the Enter the name manually mode , by filling in the form that appears on the screen with the required data. On Apple devices, however, only the latter possibility is provided.

Then you will have to enter your phone number in a special field , after which on Android devices the service will perform a test call (which does not need to be answered) to verify that the number is provided is real. If you use an iPhone, this phase takes place in a slightly different way, as an SMS is sent with a code that will be subsequently reported in the appropriate field shown on the screen.

Once this procedure is complete, select the preferences for the ads, press the Next button and then tap on the Continue item in the notification that warns you of the need for the app to access calls , contacts and SMS .

To continue, therefore, press four times on the Allow button , in order to validate the aforementioned enabling. Finally, press twice on the word Next , located at the bottom right of the introductory screens of the application, then choose whether to set Truecaller as the default app for messages or not (only on Android), in the same way as previously seen for phone calls .

If you use Android and in the previous steps you have chosen to keep the default app for managing calls, you will be offered the possibility to change this setting again. In this case, tap the Later option , then press the item Got it in the last screen of the presentation.

Finally, you will be asked whether to activate the Truecaller backup to save the history of calls , contacts , messages and the list of unwanted numbers : press the Back up now button if so, or Later to postpone the decision. to another time. Afterwards, you will also be offered the subscription of a Premium subscription: if, therefore, you want to continue using the service for free, press the Not now button .

You have reached the end of the app configuration procedure and you are now in its main screen, where there is a list of received calls. To access the address book , then, press the Contacts button , located in the bottom menu. On the iPhone , on the other hand, to view the address book, press the ☰ button, at the bottom right, and press the My contacts item .

At this point, determining whether a user is engaged in a conversation or not becomes child’s play: just click on the name of the person you want to contact to access the relevant tab and check for a dot under their name. green (free) or a red telephone accompanied by the words In a call (busy).

This condition, as anticipated at the beginning of this chapter, is subject to the presence of the same Truecaller app in the recipient’s phone.

In case you decide to uninstall Truecaller, remember to deactivate your account and ask for your number to be removed from its public database. For the first operation, go to the Privacy Center menu of the settings , then select the Deactivate account option and choose to clear the data before deactivating your account. For number removal,

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