10 best video editors for Android

Social networks have become one of the largest spaces where we share our daily lives in the form of video, either through TikTok or on Instagram Reels, but what we do know is that in order to edit a video we need the best editor, that’s why we bring you the best video editors for Android.

A video editor must have some basic tools to be a good editor ; option to cut the video, option to join and option to add transitions or effects to the video, the rest will be extras that will make each application more attractive to edit videos.

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Live video

This editor is one of the most popular on Google Play , it has millions of downloads and no wonder. Viva Video has two versions, one that is completely free and in which we can access the most basic tools and another version that contains many more tools to make our videos more attractive.

In the free version we can perfectly edit our videos in the simplest way , we also have a voice changer available, and other interesting options, but you must be careful not to use the premium functions.

Live cut

Viva Cut is another of the best apps to edit videos that we will have available on our Android mobile . We will have hundreds of options to be able to edit our videos in a professional way. One of the best things available is the ability to add a “chrome” or green screen effect.

You can choose the resolution you want to give the video , share it directly from the app, you can also create video collages and create picture-in-picture effects to create a more cinematic effect.


This editor has all the necessary tools to edit a video in a professional way. You can add as many clips as you want and you can also choose the size of the video to be able to render it in the last step. You can also edit each clip you add, changing the color, effects and transitions between videos.

You will be able to add musical pieces so that they are synchronized with your videos and thus create much better videos to be able to upload them to your social networks. Almost everything in Kinemaster is free, but we will have a watermark and some premium features will be blocked.

Power Director

Its more than 50 million downloads on Google Play are not in vain, Power Director is one of the best horizontal video editors that we can have on our Android mobile for free, its operation reminds us a lot of a video editor on a computer, so it will be very easy to learn.

Our recommendation is that you use this app on a tablet, because the larger the screen, the easier it will be to edit the videos by adding effects, music, transitions, we can change the speed of the added clips and much more.


FilmoraGo is an app to edit videos horizontally , although almost all the good video editors for Android are used in this way, since it is much easier to access all the tools they have available.

This editor has many options , we can cut videos, add music, add subtitles to our videos, add a video within another and much more, it is well worth trying this app, as it is one of our favorites.


Go Pro officially has a video editor and it is one of the easiest to use. You can create videos using the predefined styles that the app has, it also has a powerful editor to create much more creative and fun videos.

In the event that you have any of its cameras, you will have to use this app yes or yes since it synchronizes with the camera, but if you don’t have it, don’t worry, in its semi-automatic mode you can access basic editing tools.


Funimate is one of the few vertical editors that you will see on our list, but it is intended to create videos for TikTok or Instagram, since both use a vertical video format. You can add texts, images, transitions and much more.

It is a very intuitive and easy-to-use editor, so if you are addicted to any of the social networks mentioned above, you will surely make it your favorite video editor.


One of the most used applications for content creators for TikTok , if you liked Funimate, CapCut will be your favorite app without a doubt. It is somewhat more advanced than the others, but you will have many tools available to edit videos.

We can choose the resolution we want, we can touch all the basic parameters, colors, we can add effects and filters , we can adjust the brightness of each clip we add and much more.


The favorite app for Instagram content creators , despite being a powerful photo editor, it also has a video editor with which we can create great videos to share on our favorite social network.

It has more than 100 million downloads on Google Play and each and every one of them deserved. It is our favorite video editor , although there may be some messy options, but you will get the best results.

You cut

Finally we bring You Cut , an app with which to edit videos will be one of the easiest. This app is from the same developers as InShot and it is intended for those users who want to edit videos quickly to be able to upload them to the networks as soon as possible or for less advanced users.

The app is free and has no ads , something that is appreciated, since all the apps that are free, the vast majority of them have ads unless you buy the premium version, but You Cut does not have it, and exporting the videos is very simple and without watermark.

This is our selection of the best video editors for Android , in which you can create your next videos for social networks and who knows, they may one day go viral. In addition, they all have what we are looking for in a good video editor.


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