How to connect multiple monitors with Windows 11

Using a second monitor with Windows 11 is a great way to increase productivity. In fact, it is possible to manage multiple windows and screens at the same time, have a wider view of the material you are using and take advantage of different programs in a simpler and faster way.

With Windows 11, just like in the case of its predecessor , you can easily manage multiple monitors, in order to optimize their operation and settings. The procedure to follow will not steal more than a few seconds, as well as their configuration.

To be able to easily connect multiple monitors with Windows 11 , therefore, all you have to do is read the guide that we at ChimeraRevo have prepared for you.

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  1. How to connect multiple monitors with Windows 11
  2. How to configure multiple monitors with Windows 11

How to connect multiple monitors with Windows 11

As mentioned earlier, connecting multiple monitors with Windows 11 turns out to be an extremely easy and fast operation to perform. After connecting the second monitor to your PC:

  • Open the Settings of your PC (you can open the Windows 11 settings by pressing the key combination WIN + I )
  • Within the main Settings screen , click on Display
  • At this point, in the next screen, you will already notice the two screens marked by the relative numbers

In addition, you can select the projection mode to use with the different monitors connected with Windows 11:

  • Duplicate screens
  • Extend screens
  • Display only one of the two monitors (according to your needs)

If you intend to change the projection mode later, you can do it in a faster way. Indeed:

  • Press the WIN + P key combination
  • Choose the modality of your interest among the four proposals
  • Afterwards, Windows 11 will change the configuration of the monitors in a few moments according to the mode of your choice

Depending on how the monitors are positioned , it is also possible to arrange them neatly using the appropriate panel, by dragging them with the mouse, in such a way as to move from one screen to another towards the desired position using the cursor.

To make a particular monitor the main one , just select one of the two screens and check the Make this my main screen item .

How to set up multiple monitors with Windows 11

Once you have correctly connected and set up the monitors to your PC with Windows 11, you may need to change some parameters. This operation is far from difficult, as the latest version of the Microsoft operating system provides users with all the necessary settings.

  • Open the Settings of your PC (you can open the Windows 11 settings by pressing the key combination WIN + I )
  • Within the main Settings screen , click on Display
  • Select the monitor of your interest by clicking on the corresponding number
  • Subsequently, scrolling through the screen, you will find various configuration parameters to be modified according to your preferences, taking into account the selected monitor

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