Who created, invented and founded Glovo?

There are many delivery companies that are dedicated to buying, collecting and sending orders since since Internet sales have progressively increased, many visionaries have opted for this type of business.

Who Created, Invented and Founded Glovo? Where and when did you create Glovo?

Glovo is one of these emerging companies that emerged in 2014, and despite being relatively a company, it has had a large presence throughout the Spanish territory and has, in fact, become international.

The collaborative economy has been one of the great successes of this type of company since they offer employment to any type of person who has the minimum requirements, not to mention that during the quarantine period, these startups have received a tremendous boost.

In the following article we will explain what Glovo is , who created it and when , in case you are interested in being part of this company that is giving employment opportunities to many citizens.

What is Glovo?

Glovo is an app that allows other people to run errands for you. This initiative was born in Spain by the hand of Oscar Pierre, who decided to start a company that would work like the Uber application does , for example.

Glovo’s operation is to make express shipments, since they are in charge of searching, buying or collecting any type of package or making any order such as a purchase in a restaurant or in a pharmacy.

Glovo works with delivery people who, in most cases, use bicycles or motorcycles, but there are also users who use cars. In addition, the app has different categories such as restaurants, markets, pharmacies to request any type of package.

Who created and founded Glovo?

Glovo was founded in September 2014 by Oscar Pierre together with Marta Ripoll de Damborenea. Pierre, a pioneer of the idea, would join Sacha Michaud years later, who at that time was in charge of Betfair in Spain and Portugal.

After this association, the company began an internationalization process that took place definitively in 2015, one year after its foundation. For the foundation of Glovo, Oscar Pierre used an initial investment of 120,000 euros.

Later, Pierre attended several financing rounds in order to expand his firm, and for 2019, the financing round closed at 150 million euros, which allowed the company to expand to more than 26 countries, offering its services in more than 200 cities around the world.

Glovo today

The company is quite positioned in the market, not only Spanish, but also internationally. The company grew rapidly, reaching figures of 17 million euros in revenue in 2017. Today it has more than a million users and in the company there are 800 permanent employees and more than 12,000 who work for Glovo autonomously and a valuation of more than 1 billion dollars.

Although it has had a significant loss of capital, of more than 42 million in 2018, its international expansion increases dramatically, reaching lands in Latin America such as Peru and Chile, Europe with hard market countries such as Poland and even some countries of Africa.

Glovo goal

Basically the purpose of Glovo is to exceed the expectations of all users with online supermarkets, that is, to become an application capable of covering any type of order, crossing the limits of food or product orders and reaching laundry services and supermarket products .

To meet these objectives, the company has invested in this category, enabling users to place their supermarket orders and delivering them to customers in a period of time no longer than 20 minutes from the time of order.

How does Glovo work?

If you want to join the Glovo community to start placing your orders from home, the first thing you should do is download the app that is available for Android and iOS. Later you must create an account. You can also log in with your Facebook or Google account and then set a shipping address.

Finally, you will be able to select the category of the product to which you want to request shipping , where we will see the prices and the estimated time it will take for our order to arrive.


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