How to work or be a delivery person at Glovo as a rider or in a car?

In these times of job instability, it’s always a good idea to have a plan b. Many companies are the ones that have suffered significant losses due to the quarantine issue, in fact, they have had to reduce expenses by cutting staff.

How to work or be a delivery driver at Glovo as a Rider or by Car – Glovo Employment

Despite that, there are other companies that are emerging from seeing this unusual situation as a job opportunity. These are the well  known companies of delivery , reception of packages and.

Many of these are seriously positioning themselves in the market due to their collaborative economy system, which consists of offering employment opportunities to anyone to collaborate with the reception and delivery of customer orders.

There are many well-known companies, including the Uber app ; However, lately Glovo has been sounding very strong for offering good job opportunities.

If you want to work or be a delivery person in Glovo, in the following article we will explain what requirements you need to be able to be a rider in this new but important company.

Requirements to work at Glovo

Working at Glovo is ideal for people with free time who want to earn some money. You really don’t need a punctual academic level. You basically need to be of legal age and have time.

However, there are a series of requirements that Glovo requests as essential if you want to work with them as a delivery person or rider. Among those requirements we can find the following:

  • Minimum age:  In order to work at Glovo you must be 18 years old. All persons with an age range between 18 and 35 years old may work in the company.
  • You must have time:  but more than that, hourly blocks available to meet the minimum quota requested by Glovo. Depending on the time you dedicate, your income may be higher.
  • Smartphone:  It is necessary to have a smartphone to be able to download the Glovo app and to be able to register and receive the orders from the users that you must search. You can download the app from the Android or iOS store.
  • Means of transport:  The main and most essential requirement that you need to be part of Glovo. You must have a means of transport with which you can mobilize to search for orders. They can be bicycles, motorcycles and even cars.
  • Commitment and responsibility:  A requirement that should be tacit, since all companies look for responsible and compliant people, however, Glovo has a meter that evaluates you according to your performance and the more you comply, your score will rise and you will receive more orders.

How to work at Glovo?

If you want to be a rider or a dealer in Glovo , you must communicate with them through a registration form where you will have to put all your information. You can find this form on the official Glovo site.

Glovo approval is usually quite simple and fast. In less than 24 hours you should already have the approval. After this you must bring your CV, however, Glovo does not need to assess your CV, since it only cares that you meet the requirements

Once there, you must download the app and start with the simple tasks to move up the company and have better orders that are better paid.

How much is Glovo’s salary?

This is one of the questions that all users want to know to see if it is really feasible to register as a rider in Glovo. The income will depend clearly on the time invested. Taking into account that in one hour you can earn from 5 to 10 euros, it is possible to make profits of 500 euros per month if you create a schedule of 5 hours a day.

Having these clear values, there are certain strategies that you can apply to generate money faster in Glovo. Some recommendations are:

  • Meets customer expectations:  If the customer is satisfied, they can rate you and your profile as a rider will have a better score. The more score you have, the more orders you will have.
  • Extend your delivery area:  As the delivery range is wider, the payments will be better, so it is suggested to make a couple of long distance shipments.

How many hours can I work at Glovo?

In general, the schedules are set by you. You can work from early when activities in your city begin until late at night, or have it as a part-time job.


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