Who can see my vote on Instagram?

This social network has a large number of users, which is why its programmers have worked so hard to improve it. And it is that with the option on Facebook of surveys , it is understandable why they continue to innovate. Today you have the possibility to respond to certain publications made by influencers. For that reason, if you have ever wondered who can see my vote on Instagram? How to delete, hide or make your votes private on Instagram. You have come to the ideal place.

Some people shy away from reacting on this type of post because they think everyone can see it. Or it happens to them that they believe the opposite, that is, that no one will see their vote. The first thing you need to understand is that you need to be the owner of one of the accounts . Because only if you are a user can you perform any of these options on Instagram. To be honest, the process of changing the information is easier than the steps to cover it up.

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  1. How to hide your stories, polls and votes?
    1. Limit your access
  2. How can I know who voted in my polls?
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  3. Who can see my votes?
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How to hide your stories, polls and votes?

Here we must go calmly, because any of these three options have a different procedure to restrict them . First of all, when you interact and want to answer the surveys, you should know that they will be obvious to the content creator. And only the owner will be able to see your choice, therefore it is up to him to publish the results or not. If it actually does this, let us tell you that in that circumstance your user can appear, indicating your activity.

Compared to it, you should know that stories have a special setting, with which you can narrow their spread to a certain group. So the scope will be less, compared to other publications, you do all this when creating the content to upload. This, from the settings option or even selecting if your list of best friends or your followers can see it. At this point, you look at each of the differences between these three middle elements.

That is why regarding the information of the votes that you have left as a result of your surveys. There is no way to hide the name of the participating accounts, from whoever you have chosen. It will only depend on the creator of Instagram to keep silent about it or place the elections that appear in the poll publication. The only thing you can do is delete your vote as in those of Facebook so as not to be reflected in them.

Limit your access

At this point, you can deduce that only through this option can you limit all responses or interactions. Both followers and content creators can do it, the consequences will be more or less serious according to its purpose. So it’s not just asking who can see my vote on Instagram, but when you want to hide a photo there is the possibility of doing it in the publication.

From the settings you can execute the change , going down to the privacy line. Look for the story alternative, there you can regulate the publications or the accounts that will see it. It only remains for you to see who are the suitable users to observe this information and respond to it.

How can I know who voted in my polls?

If you are interested in knowing or knowing how the list of people who have interacted with your question appears. We tell you that it is possible, you have to start your session on Instagram , either on PC or through the app. Of course, obviously you can only do it if you are the creator of it. And if you have reviewed the control of views and interaction that the story has, at the bottom. So you want to do it, you should pay particular attention to the following point.

only with access

From questions like who can see my vote on Instagram. Answers like this option Because at this time it is the owner of the account who can see their results, to achieve this you must follow these steps :

  1. From your device enter Instagram.
  2. Swipe the screen to the right.
  3. Get to the image that has the survey.
  4. At the bottom of the left side, you will see an eye.
  5. Click on it to see not only the visualizations but also the responses.

In this way, you will know the results of each one. If you were hoping to jump to conclusions about it, check this out before the 24-hour deadline expires . If it expires, you will not be able to view it through this process.

Who can see my votes?

The question of Who can see my vote on Instagram? It is resolved here. Deleting, hiding or making your votes private on Instagram is one of the questions that leaves the most questions. In short, your votes will only be visible to the person with whom you have interacted. This platform, within the specifications of itself, has a series of indications in this regard. Explaining the scope and those who can access it.

The author

This corresponds to the account of the person with whom the survey was generated, but you have to be careful . Because even if only the organizer is able to see it, it does not mean that he does not share it with other people who are close to him. Since from it it can be visualized and not necessarily the one who sees the results is the owner of it.

So far there is no update capable of negotiating or separating those who we want to see the reactions to something or not. But the goal of this network is also to share both our preferences and activities, so there is no point in wanting to do it anonymously . In the future, the programmers may plan to make improvements and place these types of private options.


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