Where to find sharks in Rast

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  • 1Shark Rust
    • 1Where to find sharks in Rust
    • 2How to kill a shark
      • 2.1Types of weapons and comparison
      • 2.2Shark Killing Tactics
      • 2.3What drops after killing a shark
    • 3How much HP does a shark take with one bite
    • 4How to spawn a shark through the console

Shark Rust

Everyone has encountered animals while playing Rust . Yes, there are not so few animals in the game. Some of them are aggressive and attack the player at the first opportunity, while others, on the contrary, will run away. But it often happens that it is impossible to fight an aggressive animal and you have to run away from some bear. And if earlier it was possible to hide in water, then with the release of the “Going deep” update , players no longer have such an opportunity. Now water is not such a safe place. Yes, in shallow water you can still feel safe, but if you start diving deeper, you will have to meet the defender of the underwater depths – a shark in Rust.

Where to find sharks in Rast

Sharks in Rust, as you might have guessed, live in water. Previously, this would not have been any problem, since the players did not dive underwater very often, but with the introduction of new underwater laboratories into the game, there were quite good reasons for diving into the kingdom of Poseidon. As a rule, sharks appear near sunken objects, so you are unlikely to find them in an empty location.


How to kill a shark

Weapons and comparison

To fight sharks, Facepunch Studios have specially added a new weapon – a harpoon that works only under water. But this is not the only weapon that can be used underwater. Of course, you can try to slaughter the shark, only you have little chance of winning.

Shark killing tactics

It’s not that simple with tacticians. You are limited in movement speed underwater. Be sure to equip a full scuba diver’s kit , including fins and a snorkel . The fins will speed you up underwater and the mask will improve your visibility. Keep your distance from the shark and avoid being bitten.

What drops after killing a shark

After killing a shark, you can get it in the same way as a land animal. Using a knife, you will receive 40 units of animal fat , 40 units of leather , 20 units of tissue , 18 units of raw fish meat , 50 bone fragments .

How much HP does a shark take with one bite?

It is impossible to give exact figures here. A shark can take half your health, or more or less. But usually 2-3 bites. But this is provided that there is no protection on you. If you equip sturdy clothing and armor with good animal resistance, you will be able to survive many more bites.

How to spawn a shark through the console

The shark can also be spawned through the console command. To do this, enter ” spawn simpleshark ” into the console .

Sharks in Rust are not the most formidable opponents in the game. Of course, if you encounter her without a weapon, you will most likely die, but the chance of such a meeting is small. In general, you shouldn’t be so afraid of them if you can fight them off.

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