Iron door in the Rast: an overview

Doors in Rust are a must-have item in every home. Without them, it would be impossible to get into your house. They also allow you to protect your premises from intruders, because only you can open your doors, well, all those who know your combination on the combination lock .

There are many doors in Rust, and there is already a separate article on them on our website . Still, one door stands out strongly in the general plan, since it is used by players more often than others. On modified servers , it is generally required to be installed in small carts. If you haven’t guessed yet what kind of door it is, we are responsible for you – this is a rust iron door, it is a sheet metal door.

Sheet metal door

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  • 1Iron door in the Rast: an overview
    • 1Crafting sheet metal doors
    • 2Contents
    • 3Number of HP
    • 4How many explosive, bobovki, sochel, C4 do you need on an iron door
  • 2How to fix a sheet metal door
  • 3How to install combination locks
  • 4How to Recycle a Sheet Metal Door
  • 5Secrets and Tips
  • 6Conclusion

Iron door in the Rast: an overview

Sheet metal door craft

The main advantage of the Rast iron door is its relatively cheap craft. If you didn’t know how to make an iron door rust, we’ll tell you – no workbenches or study are required to create it. All you need is 150 metal fragments for a single door, and 200 metal fragments for a double iron door.

Crafting an iron door

Crafting a double iron door


The content of the doors directly depends on their number. So, if single iron doors are installed in your house, but in small quantities, then for each you will bring 15 metal fragments into the cabinet. And if your house is crammed with these doors, wherever possible and impossible, then the price for the door can rise to 50 fragments of metal. For double doors made of sheet metal, the price is slightly higher – a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 67 metal fragments.

Number of HP

Both doors have an equal safety factor – 250 hp. This makes them the second strongest door in the game after wooden doors. Only garage doors are stronger , as well as doors made of high quality metal.

How many explosive, bobovki, sole, C4 do you need on an iron door

If you do not know how many beans you need for an iron door, we give you a table with all the explosives with which you can get rid of iron doors. Also in the table is a homemade hammer, in case you did not know how to hollow out the iron door of the rast.

Tool Quantity
Assault rifle 63 explosive rounds
Rifle “BOLT” 63 explosive rounds
Rifle L96 63 explosive rounds
LR-300 assault rifle 63 explosive rounds
Machine gun M249 63 explosive rounds
Rifle M39 63 explosive rounds
Semi-automatic rifle 63 explosive rounds
Charge bag 4
Bean pomegranate 18
Rocket (High-speed) 11
Timed explosives 1
Rocket 2
Grenade F1 50
40 mm high explosive grenade 9
Bone club 174
Homemade hammer 24

How to fix a sheet metal door

Like all installable items in the game, an iron door needs a mallet for repair , and resources used in crafting, that is, metal fragments, will also come in handy. Rebuilding a single door will cost a maximum of 75 metal fragments, and a double door will cost 100 metal fragments.

How to install combination locks

Be sure to install combination locks on iron doors, of course, if you play as a team. And if you’re a solo player, cheap solo castles will do. In general, the installation is extremely simple – take the lock in your hands, point the camera at the door you need and press the left mouse button. Don’t forget to install the code.

Sheet metal door with lock

How to Recycle a Sheet Metal Door

An iron door can be recycled using recyclers . For this, you will receive half of the cost of crafting doors, that is, 75 metal fragments for a single door and 100 metal fragments for a double sheet metal door.

Secrets and Tips

The fastest way to break a sheet metal door is to fire 1 missile at it and finish it off with 6 explosive rounds .

The cheapest way is 3 bags of charge and 3 bean grenades .


The metal door is one of the most popular in the game for a reason. It is quite cheap in terms of crafting, but it also gives good protection, well, in any case, better than the same door made of wood. At least for the initial wagons, a sheet metal door is suitable, and then, if possible, it is better to change it to the MVK door.


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