Gates in the game Rust: wooden, stone

In one of the previous articles, we took a detailed look at all the walls that exist in the Rust game . We talked about what types of walls in the game Rust are, how they differ, where and how they can be obtained, told about not quite standard ways of using these same walls. But we only mentioned an object that is integral to the high outer walls.

Of course, it is desirable to install walls in Rust, but then how to leave the territory of the base, if everything around is fenced? You can’t climb over the barbed wire, which is located on the walls, and the helicopter is not always at hand. Surprisingly, there are only 2 types of high external gates for 4 types of walls, which we will tell you about in this material.

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  • 1Gates in the game Rust: overview
    • 1High external wooden gate
      • 1.1Where to find
      • 1.2How to craft
      • 1.3How to install in the game
      • 1.4What drops after processing
    • 2High outer stone gate
      • 2.1Where to find
      • 2.2How to craft
      • 2.3How to install in the game
      • 2.4What drops after processing
    • 2How to open and close the gate in the game
    • 3How to get in admin mode

Gates in the game Rast: an overview

High external wooden gate

A tall exterior wooden gate in Rust is an installable building piece that can be used in conjunction with tall exterior wooden or stone walls in Rust. As you might guess from the name, they serve as the entrance and exit to the territory of your base.

Wooden gate

Where to find

The tall outer wooden gate is by no means the most difficult-to-find item in the game. With a small chance, the gate can be found in the following containers:

  • Sunken chest– 1%;
  • Box– 1%;
  • Underground dweller– 0.2%.

After finding the gate, you need to study them. When using the research table, you will have to spend only 125 units of scrap metal . But you can also explore the entire branch at the workbench of the first level up to the wooden gate, spending about 715 units of scrap metal.

How to craft

When crafting tall external wooden gates, a workbench of at least the first level is used. The resources needed are as follows: 3000 units of wood and 2 gears . By time, crafting lasts from 8 to 35 seconds.

How to install in the game

The gates are installed in the same way as the external walls, that is, on the ground, on a relatively flat surface. If you have already installed high external walls, then you can connect a gate to them, since they are combined without problems. For this alignment, hold the gate in your hands, and then point the camera at the edge of the wall.

What drops out after processing

The tall external wooden gate can be recycled at a recycler . As a result of such processing, you will receive 1500 units of wood and 1 gear.

High external stone gate

Stone gates in Rust are more common and reliable gates, as they do not lend themselves to fire damage, as opposed to a wooden counterpart. However, there is one drawback – the presence of a quite noticeable window through which players can kill without any problems, or even view the territory.

Stone gate

Where to find

The tall outer stone Rast gates can only be found in the following containers:

  • Locked box – 2%;
  • Elite box– 1%;
  • Army Crate– 1%;
  • Armored Scientist– 0.08%.

Studying on the study table will cost you 500 units of scrap metal, which is 4 times cheaper than studying by branch on a second level workbench, which will take 2025 units of scrap metal.

How to craft

The crafting of the high external stone gate is possible only if you have a workbench of the second or third level. On one gate you will have to lay out 3000 units of stone and 5 gears. Crafting time varies from 17 to 35 seconds depending on the workbench.

How to install in the game

High external stone gates are installed in the same way as wooden ones, but we advise you not to install them in front of any significant area, since from the “Window” enemies can view the territory, albeit from a limited angle. We also do not recommend installing a gate right in front of the entrance to the house.

What drops out after processing

By reworking a stone gate at a recycler, you will receive 1500 units of stone and 3 gears.

How to open and close gates in the game

You can open the gate from any side, no matter how surprising it sounds. But in order for the gates to open, it is necessary to point the camera directly at the door. And don’t forget to install combination locks . You don’t want any player to be able to access your territory, do you?

How to get in admin mode

The tall outer gate can be accessed through the admin panel. Both items are in the “Constructions” category. But you can also use the console commands inventory.give ID quantity and inventory. giveto nickname ID number to give items to yourself or some specific player. Item IDs are as follows:

  • -335089230 – high external wooden gates rast;
  • -691113464 – high external stone gate rast.

If you enclose the territory of your base with high outer walls, then you certainly cannot do without a gate. As a separate item, the gate is never useful, but in combination with the walls, it is quite a used item. So if you get a gate, do not rush to throw it away, but rather put it aside in some drawer and use it if necessary.

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