Rust underwater weapons: how to craft, where to find

In the game Rust there are many types of all kinds of weapons . Each player chooses the barrel for himself: someone prefers to shoot at long distances using sniper rifles , someone likes to shoot at medium distances using semi-automatic rifles , someone loves mixing in close combat with submachine guns , and someone – then it is not at all averse to combine everything, constantly keeping at the ready an assault rifle , which is considered one of the most versatile.

The “Going deep” update gave players a reason to dive into the underwater space of the Rust game, introducing submarines , underwater laboratories into the game, but new risks also appeared – sharks that guard the secrets hidden under the water surface. And it just so happened that ordinary firearms cannot be killed, and even with a knife against powerful jaws, little will be done, so the developers introduced into the game the first weapon that can be used under water – an underwater gun or, as it is called in another way, a harpoon in Rust.

Underwater weapon (harpoon) Rust


The Harpoon in Rust is the first ranged weapon that can be used underwater. You will have to use it mainly against sharks. A harpoon is used as ammunition, dealing 50 damage. In terms of the method of use, it is very similar to a crossbow , so if you are good at using a crossbow , an underwater gun will not be difficult for you to master.


Where to find underwater weapons

Scuba weapons can be found in the following containers:

  • Sunken chest– 1%;
  • Box– 1%;
  • Underwater Labs Blue Box – 1%;
  • Underground dweller– 0.2%;
  • Scientist from the excavator– 0.2%;
  • Underwater inhabitant – 0.2%;
  • Oil rigscientist – 0.2%;
  • Patrol Scientist – 0.2.

How to study

Studying a spear gun will cost you 20 pieces of scrap metal . Although you can use the research tree at the first level workbench , spending a total of 135 units of scrap metal.

To craft one gun, you will need 75 fragments of metal and 1 propane canister . When crafting, a workbench of the first level or higher is required.

How to use

You can use a spear gun in Rast only under water. You will not be able to go knee-deep into the water and start smacking. You can shoot only when you are completely submerged under the water. For your convenience, we recommend equipping yourself with a full set of a scuba diver , preferably with a snorkel. Do not forget about the scope – it is much easier to hit with it.

What drops out after processing

By reworking a speargun, you will receive 38 metal fragments and with a 50% chance you will receive a propane tank.

Use against sharks

Surely you have already managed to shoot the bears with a crossbow. So with an underwater gun, the principle is exactly the same. True, there is a small nuance – if you can get rid of a bear, and, having made a small extension, knock it down, then this will not work with a shark. Therefore, sail in advance to a safe distance, and the further – the better.

How to get through the admin console

You can get a spear gun in the admin console. It is in the “Weapons” category. You can also use console commands, namely:

inventory.give -1517740219 quantity – give yourself an underwater gun;

inventory. giveto player nickname -1517740219 amount – give the player a spear gun.

The underwater gun is unlikely to be such a popular weapon. It is too narrowly focused. Quite frankly, it was created only to kill sharks. Remember the last time you fought players underwater? Such a situation may occur once every hundred years, and that is not a fact.

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